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Shootout in Munich: eight dead, body found a possible suspect – Le Parisien

L Germany was in turn hit by an act of “terrorist” on Friday night, even if we did not yet know the motivation. A shootout erupted shortly before 18 hours in a mall Munich, capital of Bavaria in southern Germany, killing several people, according to a report eight to 22 h 30, and several serious injuries. Police said the gunmen were three in number, they were always actively sought this night in a Bavarian capital under siege. These events occur four days after an ax attack on a train in Wurzburg also in Bavaria

& gt;. & Gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; Friday evening in Munich, minute by minute

1 hour. The victims referred to the head. According, the perpetrator or perpetrators of the shooting targeted the victims head. Similar injuries were reported.

0:56. The manhunt continues in the streets of Munich.

0:53. Angela Merkel meets a security council on Saturday.

0:50. An onboard car by police. A dark gray car that belongs to the author (or authors) of the shooting was taken by a tow truck, according to “Focus”. Experts to examine the vehicle.


0:45. The German newspaper Bild one of

0:41. Austria strengthens its security measures in the border Austrian states of Germany . The country has put its elite force Cobra on alert, officials said. Four Austrian federal states are neighboring Germany, including that of Upper Austria, neighboring Bavaria, of which Munich is the capital. “All of the Cobra force was placed in heightened alert,” said the head of the Austrian public safety, Konrad Kogler, the ORF public television. He said 42 men from the Cobra forces were sent to Munich to help the German police in his research study about operations gunmen who killed according to German police at least eight people in a mall.

0:20. 21 wounded. Relief dénombrent 21 wounded, according to a spokesman for the police. The severity of their condition is not specified.

0:19. An amateur video, whose authenticity could not be verified, circulated on social media showing what appears to be a sniper on a roof, arrested several people addressing him racist. “Father of the Turks!”, “Hey, he has a gun!” Shout him two. “I am German (…) I was born here!” Answered them the supposed shooter.

0:10. Transport: Traffic has resumed This is what announces the Munich police

Midnight… Munich still under siege howling sirens tearing the summer night and suddenly deserted streets. Munich was Friday night siege after the shooting in one of the largest shopping malls of this important city economic that left at least eight dead. The Munich police called on residents of the third city in Germany, with 1.5 million inhabitants to stay at home for up to three alleged gunmen were on the run. The streets are then emptied quickly while urban transport were interrupted in this usually bustling city, which houses the headquarters of many jewels of the German economy. More no subway or regional train circulates and helicopters including flying over the north of the city where the intended shopping center is located, not far from the stadium where the 1972 Olympics were held himself.

23 h 54. a man dressed as Santa Claus. a man who was shopping in the mall, Abim, told the NTV news channel that one of the authors of the shooting “was dressed as Santa and wearing sunglasses.” Another employee of a store, explained that, according to a colleague, another author of the shooting “was shod in military boots and carrying a backpack.”

11:36 p.m.. The Munich Police work praised by users . Since the beginning of the evening Munich Police communicates regularly on social networks, reflecting most of their post (very regular) both in French but also in Turkish, while the community is very important in the country. A work in a time of crisis thanked by many users.

23.30. Gay Pride in Berlin . Saturday, the German capital organizes its “Pride” (or Gay Pride). Thousands of people are expected to attend. There will there security measures to prevent any gathering in the country? For now the locals are still cloistered in Munich, at the request of the police.

23.15. Munich mosques open their doors. The mosques are involved in the operation #PorteOuverte, offering those who could not go home to take refuge in the place of worship.

10:35 p.m.. The corpse of a possible shooter? The Munich police confime in a tweet the discovery of a body which could be that of a possible accomplice who committed suicide. It examines this possibility. According to the Bild website, the body was found one kilometer from the shopping center. There would be eight victims over the body of a man extra, summarizes a tweet from popular daily.

11:10 p.m.. . The support of the Berlin police to their Munich colleagues On Twitter, the forces of the German capital sent a message of encouragement to their ultra-mobilized colleagues in Munich: “You are doing a great job! Take care ! “

11:01 p.m.. A police spokesman said that a ninth lifeless body was found near the shopping center and that could be one of the shooters. Important police personnel were mobilized, including GSG9, an elite police response unit specializing in terrorism cases. It was formed as a result of the hostage-taking of the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

23 hours. “Sad news: the number of victims rises eight,” said on his Twitter account the Munich police, while the alleged perpetrators, which could be three of the shooting that injured many others in a center commercial, were still at large.

10:42 p.m.. Bavaria and its particularities … By its location in southern Germany near the border of Austria, Bavaria has the distinction of having seen transiting the bulk of the refugees, in summer and autumn 2015. Another special, the leader of the Land Horst Seehoffer which, although part of the conservative majority of the Chancellor in the CSU (local variant of the CDU), strongly opposed to the generous migration policy Chancellor (before it returns to its position). Germany, recall, hosted last year’s 1.1 million refugees primarily Syrians and Iraqis. Finally, it is in this state that for the first time in Germany, Daech claimed an attack. On July 18, an Afghan attacked with an ax and knife several people Monday night in a regional train, injuring four.

22.30. Shopping centers, prime targets for terrorists. The shooting took place in the Olympia-Einlaufszentrum (OEZ), a huge shopping center welcoming over 130 shops, cafes, restaurants … The complex, which covers over 50 000m2, is often a very busy place and that attracts tourists. This place, which opened in the 70s and is the largest in Bavaria. Shopping centers are regularly the target of terrorist attacks. On March 19, a bomb caused the death of four people outside a shopping center in Istanbul. In Kenya, Westgate is attacked 21 September 2013 by the Shebab, killing 68 people and injuring nearly 200. Since the attack, the French GIGN is preparing for this event.

10:33 p.m. . The balance goes to eight deaths, according to the German police.

10:31 p.m.. German President “horrified” by the “murderous attack” in Munich. “The murderous attack in Munich horrifies me to no end,” said German President Joachim Gauck said in a statement, bringing its solidarity with the victims and their relatives. The German Minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maiziere, has announced that it would interrupt an ongoing movement in the United States to return to Germany.

10:13 p.m.. “Germany is in the viewfinder of international terrorism,” said the interior minister, Thomas de Maizière on Wednesday. A statement made after a young Afghan asylum seeker-17 seriously injured four people on Monday night, attacking with an ax and knife passengers on a regional train in Bavaria. He was shot by police in his flight. “The situation is serious, we must also reckon with Germany attacks of small groups or individuals radicalized”, said the minister at a press conference. At about 500 km north-west of Munich, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia said it had raised its security measures with immediate effect.

10:12 p.m.. The police denied that a second shootout erupted in another part of the city of Munich, while witnesses had reported. “This is panic in several places in the city,” concede one spokesman for the city.

22.05. Facebook Launches Safety Check. As many terrorist attacks or natural disasters, the social network is implementing its “Safety Check”. The device allows people present at the scene to prevent their Facebook friends that they are safe.

10:03 p.m.. You panic and blurring in Munich. Helicopters fly over the city, the authorities asked the Germans to stay home. The spokesman speaks of a terrorist attack, but for now, nothing indicates that this would be the Islamist trail. In addition, new tracks only speak one shooter instead of three … Everything is blurred, in utter psychotic atmosphere.

22h. The police proceeded to the Turkish language. Fourth language for the messages of the Munich police, posted on Twitter. After German, English, French, law enforcement now communicate in Turkish. Munich is one of Germany cities with the largest population from Turkey.

9:57 p.m.. French politicians expressed their “solidarity” on social networks. “Solidarity with the German people and the city of #Munich. All united against the terrorists. “Writes Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, the first secretary of the PS. “Terrible attacks #Munich. Solidarity with the German people. “Also commented Florian Philippot, vice president of the FN.

9:50 p.m.. Stop speculation. On his twitter account, the Munich police asks users to avoid “speculation,” which would be “a great help” for law enforcement.

9:49 p.m.. “At the moment, none of the perpetrators has been arrested,” said in a statement the Munich police,

9:47 p.m.. German Police says the press that “up to three authors” of the shooting were still looking “to the city of Munich,” where significant police resources were deployed.

21.30. One place of shooting acknowledged. Apart from the vicinity of the mall, the police did not confirm the existence of other shooting locations. However, it confirms that there has six deaths and serious injuries.

21 h 23. Hollande address a “support personal message” to Merkel. The President François Hollande sent Friday a “support personal message” to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said the Elysee Palace after a shooting in Munich with several deaths. “Francois Hollande has sent a message to support personnel Angela Merkel” given the events of Munich, said the president.

9:05 p.m.. Obama solidarity. The US President expressed solidarity and promised the help of the United States. “Some of you know that there was shooting in Germany and we do not know yet what exactly happens there, but of course our thoughts are with those who have been injured,” President Obama said, adding that “Germany is one of our closest allies and so we will offer all the support they may need to deal with this situation.”

8:50 p.m.. Motorists urged not to clutter up the highway. The police called motorists not to clutter highways that go to Munich to allow emergency vehicles to pass.


20:45. maximum mobilization anti-terrorist forces and law enforcement in general, according to the website of the “Bild”.

8:40 p.m.. Police talking terrorist act “. The police officially evoke a “terrorist situation” speaking of what happens in Munich.

8:20 p.m.. Munich Central Station is evacuated, trains no longer circulate. The metro, bus and tram were suspended “on the orders of the police.” Central Station as well as that of Pasing, had been an alert to the attack on the evening of New Year. They had been evacuated two roads. In Hanover, 17 November 2015, it is a stage that had been new threats. A match was canceled at the last minute.

20 h 24. Probably at least 6 dead, by Bayerischer Rundfunk. The Bavarian Minister of the Interior has counted three.

8:22 p.m.. The Munich police tweets in French . It calls to avoid public places. It also asks users not to broadcast images of police intervention being “not to help managers”.

20 h 13. Solidarity 2.0 already running . as each terrible tragic events, a hashtag “open House” is taking the magnitude of the social networks. In German, the expression is written “offenetür #”

8:08 p.m.. Police in Munich, on his Facebook account, mentions “three different” with firearms , according to witnesses. Special forces and the federal police have reinforced the strength of the police in the city and looking for authors. The police asked the Munich to stay home, the situation is still “fuzzy”.

19.30. A police spokesman said quickly that it was an operation of “large scale”. Several response teams of the German police are on the scene and are looking for the shooter . He ran away on the subway, according to the Bild website.

7:15 p.m.. The police are there to secure the area.

At 5:50 p.m.. Gunfire broke out near a shopping center near the Olympic Park.


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