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EDF: hostile to the Hinkley Point project, a group administrator slams the door – The World

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A projection made by EDF of Hinkley Point  EPR project in the southwest of England.

The Hinkley Point project brings a new jolt at EDF. Hostile to the construction by the group of two new-generation nuclear reactors in Britain, Gérard Magnin, a member of the board, slams the door. He submitted his resignation to the CEO, Jean-Bernard Lévy, Thursday, July 28 in the morning, a few hours before the board meeting to definitively validate this investment is estimated at 18 billion pounds, almost 22 billion euros.

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Former regional delegate of the environment Agency and energy Management (ADEME ), founder of the European network of cities in energy transition energy cities Gérard Magnin entered the EDF Board in November 2014, on a proposal from the State shareholder.

A second spectacular resignation

This is the second spectacular resignation related to Hinkley Point, after that of CFO Thomas Thornton, left in March because it does not condone a commitment deemed too risky. The bagman EDF challenging indeed “a likely decision, in case of trouble, to bring EDF in a situation similar to that of Areva,” that of a large public company threatened to a bankruptcy filing, as explained to MPs then

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a strong advocate of the energy transition, Gérard Magnin felt also in cantilever recent months. He explains in the letter of resignation he has chosen to go public:

“I had imagined that the period of profound change in energy systems around the world would conducive to a historic shift in EDF’s strategy towards an energy transition that the law should accelerate in our country. “

But instead of this shift, he found that EDF was playing more than ever nuclear map:

” since imminent decisions very risky project Hinkley Point to acquire Areva NP will make EDF a reactor manufacturer, prosecution without questioning the strategy costly reprocessing waste to the assertion that all 900 MW reactors would see their level of extended life for 50 years or more, everything seems to go in the same direction, highlights the now former director. Not to mention, for example, the decision to complete at the beginning of XXII th century only the dismantling of reactors already arrested since the thirties, about which questions our ethics. “

” A strategy that I do not share “

” I am aware that this strategy, beyond some skirmishes, is favored by the state, the risk of blurring the messages carried by a law he initiated yet and had raised many hopes, says Mr. Magnin in his letter. as director proposed by the State shareholder, I do not want to condone longer a strategy that I do not share. “

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With the resignation of Mr. Magnin , one of the few dissenting voices within the EDF Board, the green light to Hinkley Point project does more doubt. Despite opposition from the six-employee directors, a clear majority should emerge for the investment. The decision will be announced after the board



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