Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wall Street rises with successful businesses – La Voix du Nord

Wall Street rose Wednesday in mid-session, moving near new record deal with a burst welcomed corporate earnings and a small rebound in oil prices: the Dow Jones gained 0.29% and the Nasdaq 1.08%.

by 1600 GMT, the index Featured Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 52.93 points 18,611.60 points and the Nasdaq, dominated technological 54.64 points 5091.01 points. The broader S & amp; P 500 advanced 10.36 points, or 0.48%, to 2174.14 point

“At the moment, the stock market really seems to have found a way to mount. with support better business (…) that exceed expectations for many of them, “summed Art Hogan of Wunderlich Securities.

in the midst of quarterly results, Wall Street was informed Wednesday of a new series of publications and have, overall, been deemed positive in the first place from the Microsoft iT group.

“If you look at economic indicators for the second quarter, they were mostly better than expected, so the corporate earnings are expected to improve, “said Mr. Hogan.

Many observers nevertheless continued to express skepticism facing high Wall Street, which connects the records from the previous week, especially since, if the results are better than expected, it means in relation to very pessimistic expectations.

for the indices, ” it seemed unthinkable to reach that level early in the year, when the raw materials (…) were trying to loosen, or even just after the vote in favor of a Brexit + +, there is a little less a month, “wrote Tony Dwyer, Canaccord.

It now called for caution, saying that, in recent months,” it was when the sky was cloudless air that periods rebalancing or decline tended to happen. “

in addition, lack of notable indicator, Mr. Hogan noted that the stock market had also enjoyed” the return to balance oil prices ” which rallied Wednesday after the announcement by the Energy department of a weekly decline in crude inventories in the US

-. Morgan Stanley rises –

among the values, Microsoft, member of the Dow Jones jumped 6.90% to 56.76 dollars after reported better than expected annual profits, largely due to his efforts in the service online ( “cloud”).

Out of the index feature, the transport group United Continental, parent of United Airlines, advancing 2.57% to 49.08 dollars after quarterly results exceeded expectations by reducing of its fuel bill.

the investment bank Morgan Stanley, which has exceeded expectations in the last quarter thanks to its activity in mergers and acquisitions, gained 2.20% to 28.81 dollars.

the oil services group Halliburton lost 1.33% to 44.39 dollars after announcing a quarterly loss, although it has proved less than expected meet the costs resulting from the failure of its merger with Baker Hughes (+ 0.07% to 45.77 dollars).

The specialist plastic boxes Tupperware took 9.40% to 63.53 dollars after announcing a net quarterly profit judged best than expected, despite a decline, thanks to good performance in South America.

the pharmaceutical company Abbott Labs clinching 2.19% to 42.72 dollars after reporting a rise sales in the last quarter.

Apart from the results of the day, the Canadian drugmaker Valeant rose 4.51% to 24.60 dollars after the US health authorities approved the marketing of a treatment constipation.

the bond market fell back, the yield on 10-year Treasury amount to 1.591% against 1.555% Wednesday night, and that good for 30 years at 2.312% against 2.272% previously .


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