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A decision on Hinkley Point expected July 28, disgruntled unions – Boursorama

The British site that is to be built nuclear plant Hinkley Point is now desert. (AFP / JUSTIN TALLIS)

The British site that is to be built nuclear plant Hinkley Point is now desert. (AFP / JUSTIN TALLIS)

“EDF has called this day a board to be held July 28, 2016, and whose agenda includes the final investment decision on the EPR two reactor construction project at Hinkley Point C “(HPC), the group said in a statement Thursday night.

the final step in the realization of this gigantic project of 18 billion pounds, 21.6 billion, the final investment decision was overdue since the signing in October 2015 of a trade agreement with the Chinese public company CGN, which bear one third of the funding.


If it is supported by Paris and London, the Hinkley Point project arouses strong concerns among unions EDF who asked her carry two or three years lest it weaken the financial position of the french group, already facing significant financial challenges as the renovation of french nuclear power plants.

federations CGT, CFE-CGC and FO energy had even called Wednesday to President François Hollande to prevent “any forced passage” of management, with the support of the Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron.

a position they have hardened on Friday in a joint statement. “This decision was taken with the agreement of the President of the Republic who is condoning this forced passage, ignoring the opinion of the employees, and that is primarily responsible,” wrote CGT, CFE-CGC and FO , requesting for several months postponement of the project.

“Announced the day after a new 49.3 for the Labour law and the same day a search” from the financial markets Authority (AMF) at the headquarters of EDF, “the forced passage speaks, the eyes of Inter, on the design of social dialogue in this government,” continued the three organizations. They evoke a “violation” of EDF’s corporate central committee with a decision before a court hearing scheduled for 22 September. EDF had already unilaterally convened the CEC to deliver its opinion without waiting for the result of this action in interlocutory proceedings to obtain additional information about the project.

qualifier “vast intellectual fraud” and “political mistake” the presentation of the British yard as a way to “save the nuclear industry” French, the three federations believe on the contrary that may have “dramatic consequences on the industrial sector, EDF’s investment in the national territory and therefore employment in France “.

” the priority of the sector is the major refit “(heavy maintenance of plants to prolong their life), they say. They also recall asking a mission in early June on the future of nuclear power, which “would update the work” of the mission Roussely 2010. “Each director will face its responsibilities for considering whether or not” the state of the nuclear power and “the commitment of a site without waiting for” those engaged (Flamanville …) “allow or not to calmly launch this project,” they conclude, saying “more determined than ever.”


disagreements within the management of the short-term feasibility of Hinkley Point had led EDF CFO, Thomas Thornton, to resign in early March.

the central works council (CEC) has assigned the end of June electrician referred for additional information about the project and to make “validly” notice. EDF had resolved to consult the CEC, at the insistence of the unions.

A hearing is set for 22 September, but this approach is not suspensive. EDF recalls ended July 4 the consultation procedure, saying in a statement that “the project has been developed since 2013 a broad sharing of information with employees and their representatives.”

the financial markets Authority (AMF) of its open side a survey of information disclosed to the market by EDF since 2013, particularly in the Hinkley Point file, and sent investigators Thursday at the Paris headquarters of the group, according to a source close to the folder.

in the release, the electrician, owned nearly 85% by the French State, stressed that Hinkley Point represented “a major component” of its strategic plan Cap 2030, because both reactors planned in the southwest of England would “strengthen EDF’s presence in Britain, a country where its subsidiary EDF Energy already operates 15 nuclear reactors and is the largest electricity supplier in volume.”

“HPC is a unique asset for French industry as it would benefit the entire nuclear industry and large enterprises jobs and SMEs in the sector”, which EDF is to become the leader of file as part of the overhaul of the sector of the atom committed by the government, the group added.


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