Sunday, July 24, 2016

TICKET What she head Christine Lagarde? – Le Dauphiné Libéré

When the scandal broke, she exclaimed: “Do I have a mind to be friend with Bernard Tapie? “. Way to remind the opinion that we do not mix apples with oranges. Neither the stands of OM with the G20, where this elegant Finance willingly takes his silver hair. The boss of the IMF, who speaks perfect English, awash unanimous praise of the medium. It is found upright, competent, exquisitely correction. And vegetarian, sports, non-smoker, balanced … almost perfect antithesis of his predecessor. DSK also wedged in economic expertise, she stands much better once out of office.

Christine Lagarde nevertheless will, in turn, explained in court. The Court of Justice of the Republic awaits. It was only in 2007, then Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, she had a head without flinching to obey the orders of the president. Its green light to the famous “arbitration” that Tapie claimed against Credit Lyonnais would be similar to culpable “lightness”.

Despite having to look down a bit “Nanard,” she said allowed to reach 405 million euros through this highly questionable procedure … and elsewhere since canceled. According to the indictment, the whole constitutes an offense of “negligence” in the use of public money. “I should have been more suspicious,” admits Ms. Lagarde today. The Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund, which has just begun his second term as head of the institution relentless, so claims a certain naivety. The position it occupies, that surprises a bit.


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