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Nice attack: the controversy swells, Cazeneuve a complaint – Cross

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Accused by a municipal police of having pressured to change his report on the security device July 14 in Nice, Bernard Cazeneuve has announced the filing of a defamation suit.

While the government announces a “weekly safety meeting” during the summer, discordant voices, right and left, to ask for a better management of public security.

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Stéphane Le Foll press conference, government spokesman, at the exit of the government seminar on 23 July 2016 at the Elysée Palace in Paris. / Jacques Demarthon / AFP

Do not leave space for the vacuum. Show a determination of every moment. That’s probably a high priority of the government. Thus, he will hold a “weekly safety meeting” all summer, announced Saturday, July 23, his spokesman Stephane Le Foll after a government seminar held at the Elysee around the head of state. The dual objective is “protect” the French and “persevere” in security, said the spokesman.

This comes while conflicting pronouncements multiply the left and right on security issues. Latest in the statements of former Prime Minister Francois Fillon in the columns of JDD This Sunday, July 23. According to him, “global war form” is engaged and “French society as a whole must mobilize against Islamist totalitarianism” with the values ​​of the Republic “impose” Muslim

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Asked about measures that could be taken in addition to the state of emergency and the further strengthening of the antiterrorist arsenal adopted in Parliament, François Fillon called “the application of book IV of the criminal Code, which significantly increase the penalties for terrorist acts or complicity.”

This candidate the primary right has also expressed support for the restoration of double penalty, abolished by Nicolas Sarkozy when he was interior minister, as “we are at war” and must be “exceptional measures” as “immediate expulsion of foreigners convicted of crime facts” .

Une tribune of Christiane Taubira

part of the left also up to the plate in its way. In a long article published on Facebook, the former Justice Minister Christiane Taubira blasted on Saturday 23 July, “those who trade in fear” , and called for the challenge of ‘in “dry up the soil” .

Christiane Taubira believes the “need security, this inalienable right” includes ” preserving our individual and public freedoms . (…) It should organize, not to oppose them. It is for the public authorities to find, and this is not simple, the flexibility that allows to adjust the security device to multiple forms of attacks, in the proportionality required by the rule of law, stood its institutions solid “, she said.

the former Minister of Justice had left the government in January to protest against the proposed constitutional amendment allowing deprivation of nationality for persons convicted of terrorism eventually abandoned by the executive.

the interior ministry blamed

also, this weekend, the services of the interior Minister have again found questioned about Nice safety device on the evening of the national holiday. The municipal police in charge of CCTV 14-July said he had received from the Home Office pressure to change his report on the police device

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Since the day after the tragedy, controversy opposes indeed Christian Estrosi, Deputy Chief of Nice to the Ministry on the respective positions of municipal and national policies


“the day after the attacks, the cabinet of the Minister of interior sent a Commissioner (…)” says Sandra Bertin, head of the CSU (urban security Center, in charge of CCTV).

“I then had to deal with a person who asked me pressed a report indicating points of presence of the municipal police, barriers, and to specify that we also saw the national Police on two points in the safety device “ says that that is also general secretary of the independent Union of the local government service (SAFPT) of Nice, co-signed an open letter to Manuel Valls deploring the lack of consideration of the municipal police by the government.

“I was harassed for an hour, I was ordered to enter specific positions of the national police that I have not seen on the screen “, she said.

” Then a few days later, the Anti-terrorism sub-directorate asked me to erase bands of six cameras I mentioned in my report, those who filmed the killing. We were asked, for purposes of the investigation, to extract eight band days 180 cameras. And now it would erase some to prevent their release to the public “, she added.

Cazeneuve a complaint

Bernard Cazeneuve announced he was complaint for “defamation” against these remarks. It is in the “single authority” Paris prosecutor’s “that police officers investigators were dispatched to the Nice CSU “, the ministry of the interior in a statement.

in a statement to AFP, prosecutor Francois Molins had little earlier indicated that c ‘was in his “single authority for the purposes of the ongoing investigation that on 15 July, two brigadiers leaders were sent to Nice CSU” .

for the interior Ministry, “it would be very helpful that Ms. Bertin are interviewed by investigators and could produce their identities and functions of the people it involves, it evokes the emails and their content” .



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