Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Unemployment still a disappointing month, but the trend is downward – The Express

Some 5,400 job seekers without work have joined the ranks of employment center in June, an increase of 0.2% for a total of 3.53 million people in France. This increase was slightly weaker including overseas (+ 0.1%), for a total of 3.78 million people.

Despite two consecutive months of small increases, the index declined in France over the first six months of the year (-54,800 or -1.5%), and over the last twelve months (24,600, -0.7%).

The trend is clearly downward trend in the first six months of the year ,” said the Minister of Labour, Myriam El Khomri, in a statement, adding “ for two consecutive quarters as unemployment down, which was not observed since early 2008 .”

the decline in the second quarter (5300) No. however not significant because, according to Dares (the statistical service of the Ministry), Pôle Emploi figures do show a trend that from a quarterly change of 35,000 unemployed.

The increase in the month of June alone is somewhat less pronounced in cash jobseekers exerting a small business (+ 0.1%), for a total of 5.43 million in France , 5.73 million with the oversea.

– Higher education inputs –

Notably, Class D, which brings together people in training, reached a record level, exceeding 300,000 (+ 11.3% in the quarter).

In June, nearly 90,000 people came out in categories A, B and C to enter training. They were usually between 40,000 and 50,000 each month, before the entry into force of the plan of 500,000 additional training for job seekers announced by François Hollande in January.

probable consequence of this rise: the number of long-term unemployed fell 0.9% on month.

For the second consecutive month, unemployment increased among young people (4,000 registered, or + 0.8%), as well as the quarter (+ 0.6%). But overall reduction year on year (30,000, -5.7%).

– ‘It remains winded’ –

The situation of older deteriorates again (+ 0.2%), after thinning of three months and remains very poor on year (+ 3.8%).

The mobilization of the government in the fight against unemployment will grow for the decline is even stronger and faster in the second half ,” assured Mrs. El Khomri.

For those under 25, the generalization of the youth guarantee intensive support system for the most disadvantaged, under the labor law should especially bear fruit, she said.

For Mathieu Plane, to the OFCE, the observed increases in the past two months “ are a form of adjustment after a sharp drop in March and April (79,900 cumulatively, Ed) but that does not question the slight improvement in the first half . ”

It’s still winded ,” said the economist.

Philippe Waechter of Natixis, adds: “ although we see there has been significant improvement in the first quarter and that the momentum is much weaker now “According to the economist,” it is hoped that the macroeconomic data will accelerate and that the risk associated with Brexit and attacks is not too significant. this would regain the pace of the first quarter.

Still no inversion of the curve in order , “said his workers Force side, while Hollande has conditioned his candidacy for a second term in 2017 to a decline “ credible ” unemployment in 2016.


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