Friday, July 22, 2016

Attack in Munich: at least nine people in a shopping mall – The Express

According to police, the killing is the act of a single man who then committed suicide.

The author is a German-Iranian 18 Munich ” that was not known to police and whose motivations are “ not totally elucidated “at this stage, said the head of the local police, Hubertus Andra, at a press conference.

Around 6:00 p.m. (1600 GMT), the largest Bavarian commercial center was the scene of an attack committed by at least a man dressed in black, according to amateur video.

The video, posted on social networks, watch this man away from a McDonald’s restaurant in the shopping center while pulling on people who run away screaming.

– State of Siege –

All the Bavarian metropolitan area was placed under siege: police forces were deployed en masse, the sky was crisscrossed by helicopters, deserted streets and all public transport suspended.

A special anti-terrorist unit was sent to Munich, told AFP the Interior Ministry. “ All hypotheses are envisaged “, then said the minister at the Chancellery Peter Altmaier.

The police indicated “ suspect a terrorist act ” but have no evidence to establish an Islamist motivation.

In the night, the police, quoted by the DPA news agency gave a balance of nine dead and 21 wounded in the attack, balance plus the death of the author who committed suicide after the killing.

The police said it had discovered a tenth body near the mall. “ We under investigation discovered a person who committed suicide “, police said on his Twitter account. “ This is probably the author, who acted only ,” she said.

Initially, police had raised on the basis of evidence, the possible involvement of “ up to three shooters .”

She then announced that the deceased author had been identified as a German-Iranian 18 years old and that his motives were unknown.

Police said “ the end of the alert ” while declaring stay “ conservative .” Public transport were reopened. “ All public transport running again “, police said on Twitter.

Munich train station was also reopened, allowing trains were stranded around to circulate again.

This is the third attack against civilians in Europe in less than ten days after the attack on Ram truck in Nice (Southern France), July 14, which was 84 dead, and ax attack on a train in Bavaria (five injured). Both attacks were claimed by the Islamic State group (EI).

The shooting of Munich erupted shortly before 1600 GMT in a McDonald’s restaurant that borders the shopping center, before continuing in an adjacent street. It continued in the center, near the Olympic Stadium.

People entered the McDonalds to eat (…) Then there was panic ” and “ people ran out , “he told a woman, whose identity was not disclosed, the Bavarian public television.

She heard three shots, “ children crying, people rushed to the exit panicking “, she added.

A man, an employee of one of the stores of the mall, recounted having crossed an assailant: “ He shot two people and I fled to leave the building by climbing and there a wall there were dead and wounded

-. ‘violence inhumaine’-

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for a Saturday in Berlin meeting of its federal council security, announced Mr. Altmaier, adding: “ We are determined to do everything so that terrorism and inhuman violence did not say in Germany .”

deadly Munich attack horrifies me to the point of ,” said German President Joachim Gauck in a statement.

US President Barack Obama promised the German authorities “ all the support they need .” French President Francois Hollande has sent a “ support staff message ” Mrs Merkel. He denounced “ a terrorist attack ” and “ a despicable act .”

The shooting occurred in Munich four days after an ax attack on a train Monday in Würzburg, also in Bavaria.

The assailant, a young asylum seeker, injured four Chinese tourists from Hong Kong on the train, and a pass before being shot by police.

The attack was claimed by the Islamic State group, and formulated its first claim of offenses committed in Germany.

The Interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere, warned its citizens Wednesday that Germany “ is in the viewfinder of international terrorism .” Mr. de Maizière, who interrupted a trip to the United States to return to Germany.


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