Saturday, July 23, 2016

EDF issued by the Authority of the markets – Payment

Whether seeking the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) to EDF’s seat? According to the World three investigators made a surprise raid there on Thursday. They would actually put more documents on financial communication electrician since 2013, have introduced a mandate and called “parts, information, dates, reports” for including expensive draft Hinkley Point, in the UK. If this is not a search, it looks so. We learned on that occasion that the AMF opened an investigation against EDF, obviously believing that management had perhaps underestimated the risks of two EPR construction project at Hinkley Point in its information financial. Estimated construction to 21 billion euros. The AMF is also surprised of how the amount of the renovation program of all French plants, valued initially at 55 billion euros, has been revised downwards. Stock market offenses related to financial reporting may be of several kinds: poor communication, false information … There is no indication at this stage that EDF had lied. Following its investigation, the AMF could retain “grievances” giving or not sanctions. This new situation would potentially complicit state shareholder facts. J. C.F.


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