Saturday, July 30, 2016

Volkswagen scandal: other – Le Parisien

SOME PRECAUTIONS language, but that seems a certainty established. The technical committee set up by Segolene Royal after the Volkswagen case made yesterday its final report on the reality of polluting emissions from diesel vehicles in France. Verdict? The Commission can not exclude that other diesel car manufacturers have used, too, to “cheaters” software. In short: the Volkswagen scandal – the 1 st Global manufacturer had installed a software intended to deceive the certification tests – probably is not an isolated case.

Very high overruns …

Of the 86 vehicles tested, the results showed “many excesses” of the selected thresholds.

… even in conditions of approval!

The tests are all done in “laboratory” – that is to say in conditions very different from driving on the road – often plead manufacturers to explain the results of variations. Yes but … for some vehicles, the Committee notes “sizeable differences” even in conditions of approvals that have been reproduced. In short, there is a wolf.

Other software tricksters?

The report of the commission does not exclude it. But this issue is extremely complex … First, all other manufacturers have sworn hands on the engine they did not use this device. Then, “to pass the certification tests, manufacturers make a perfect car that has nothing to do with the lambda car factory ( Editor’s note: who is the one tested by the Commission ) “explains Bruno Guibeaud, president of Europe Quality Expertise (EQE), one of the largest automotive experts French networks. “Pistons, cylinders, connecting rods, all set within a micron. The test car is a real Formula 1, that’s what creates a bias … “

Exactly, last December, Renault announced it would invest 50MdEUR to reduce the gap between emissions of its cars in conditions of approval and in real situations. The announcement did he seem not enough to convince the government to no faker software. A few weeks later, the DGCCRF launched raids on several locations of the manufacturer.

No cheating in France? Impossible to get to the bottom

The commission set up by Ségolène Royal did not have access to all embedded software and any analysis of these was thus recognized. “Renault and PSA had offered to provide their own, but members of the commission decided not to pursue a longer investigation, says a member of the cabinet of the Minister of the Environment. This would have added six months of additional investigation. “

The argument may seem strange. And in fact, it annoys associations! “One wonders why the commission did not go further and why this investigation as early stops, wonders Arnaud Gosse, lawyer of environmental law. One can not help thinking that it was to avoid destabilizing the French automotive industry. “

Iron all exhausts comb

Faking or not,” maintain such a level of pollution is unacceptable ton Lorelei Limousin, France Climate Action Network. The authorities need to be intransigent. “Yesterday, the Royal Commission called for new tests” to assess whether manufacturers) does (should) not be subject to a withdrawal of their approval. ” “I will go through with the implementation of the report, assured the minister. It is a matter of trust and builders will put in front of their responsibility because air pollution is a serious problem. We can not procrastinate or joke about it. “


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