Wednesday, July 20, 2016

After a final 49.3 of Manuel Valls, the Labor Law will be adopted within 24 hours – LeLab Europe1

LAW WORK CONTINUED – Parliamentary Order Paper on Labour Law is nearing its end. While the project was to be debated in the third and final reading by the Assembly on Wednesday 20 July, Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced use of Article 49.3 of the Constitution , which allows for adopt the text without a vote. A third time the Labour Law and the sixth time since he was Prime Minister.

Officially, the bill will be adopted within 24 hours, if no confidence motion is filed against the government. What will likely be the case since Republicans did not file a motion during Previous use Manuel Valls at 49.3 on 5 July. Slingers PS, accompanied by members of the left of the left and ecologists, have them failed twice to file such a motion and reported that they do not try their luck a third time.

As a result, the labor law should be definitively adopted tomorrow at 16:30 precisely. Recall that eleven union demonstrations were organized against the project, which has highlighted the yawning divisions within the Socialist majority.

When asked by LCP, the boss of Deputies Socialist Bruno Le Roux said he would from September weekly point for demonstrating the utility of this Labour law , citing measures “for young people, the fight against illegal work, on enterprise agreements “

from September, I’ll do every week one point: the labor law by the evidence . [...] We will see that its effects will be totally the opposite of what had been predicted by those who were opponents.

the parliamentarians opposed the bill should file an appeal before the constitutional Council to cancel points in the text they consider unconstitutional. It takes 60 signatures of deputies or senators to seize the Constitutional Council.


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