Tuesday, July 26, 2016

SOCIAL 5,400 more unemployed in June – Le Républicain Lorrain

Another disappointment on the employment front: after May, the number of job seekers increased again in June, admittedly slightly (+ 5400, or + 0.2%)

the number of unemployed with no activity (category A) now stands at 3.53 million people in France

the government is, however, remain optimistic. the trend “remains clearly oriented down “in the first six months of the year, last night insisted the release of the Ministry of Labour, adding:” it’s been two consecutive quarters as unemployment down, which was no longer observed since early 2008 “

this optimism allows not contradict the presidential voluntarism: Francois Hollande said on July 14 that the famous “curve inversion” of unemployment would have this year. And it amounted to 200,000 the number of jobs expected to be created.

record level training

It remains true that, despite two consecutive disappointing months, the indicator declined in the first six months of the year (- 54,800 or – 1.5%) and the year (- 24 600 – 0.7%). The decrease in the second quarter (- 5300) however, is not significant because, according to statisticians DARES (Ministry of Labour), Pôle Emploi figures do show a trend that from a quarterly changes 35,000 unemployed.

the increase in the month of June alone is less marked by counting the unemployed exerting a small business (+ 0.1%), for a total of 5.43 million metropolitan France.

Notably, class D, which brings together people in training, reached a record level, exceeding 300 000 (+ 11.3% in the quarter). In June, nearly 90 000 people are out of categories A, B, and C to enter training. They were usually between 40 000 and 50 000 each month, before the entry into force of the plan of 500,000 additional training for job seekers, announced by François Hollande in January.

For the second month consequential, unemployment has increased among young people (+ 4 000 members, or + 0.8%). And the situation of senior citizens is deteriorating again (+ 0.2%), after thinning of three months and remains very poor year on year (+ 3.8%).

“This is still even winded “

for Mathieu Plane, to the OFCE (French economic Observatory), increases in last two months” are a form of adjustment after a sharp drop in March and April (- 79 . 900 cumulative, Ed), but this does not affect the slight improvement in the first half “

Philippe Waechter of Natixis, added:” There have been significant improvements in the first quarter and the pulse is much weaker now. “

According to the economist,” it is hoped that the macroeconomic data will accelerate and that the risk associated with Brexit and attacks is not too important. This would regain the pace of the first quarter. “


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