Thursday, July 28, 2016

Facebook confirms its status of king of social networks – Le Parisien

F acebook confirmed Wednesday his royal status of social networks with a new jump in its second-quarter results, which it has continued to increase its audience and advertising revenues and even almost tripled its net profit. The US network claimed
1.71 billion users by the end of June, against 1.65 billion three months earlier.
users earned compared to the same date of 2015 is “our strongest in over three years,” noted CFO David Wehner, on a conference call with analysts.
and their interest does not seem to go out, since 66% of them connect to the network every day, a stable rate compared to the previous quarter.
Time spent per person on the Facebook network itself or its applications Instagram photos or messaging Messenger has also increased by over 10% year on year, “and that does not even include WhatsApp” the second group messaging application, welcomed the boss-founder Mark Zuckerberg.
Instagram now has more than 500 million users, 300 million that connect every day, WhatsApp Messenger and in count one billion each.
David Wehner also relativized the concerns of some analysts face competition represented by Snapchat with young consumers, particularly public pampered by advertisers.
“We continue to be the best way to reach the widest possible worldwide audience of teens and Millennials. Adolescents remain engaged on Facebook, “he said, noting that” the way they use our service has evolved over the years, in addition to Facebook, they use Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. “
– mobile and video Pub –
the continued growth of Facebook is also materialized in financial performance, which proved to be much higher than the forecasts of analysts, allowing the action of the group to win almost 5% to 11:40 p.m. GMT in electronic trading after the close of Wall Street.
This could carry over Facebook Thursday to a new record, and allow it to almost par in terms of market capitalization with oil giant ExxonMobil, some $ 370 billion.
the second quarter, Facebook posted a net profit of just over $ 2 billion, while its revenue soared 59% to 6.44 billion dollars, thanks to demand in his “particularly strong” advertisers.
Mobile advertising confirms its growth engine role: it now represents 84% ​​of advertising revenues collected by the group themselves up 63%. The bulk of revenues come from the network itself, noted David Wehner, recognizing a “contribution” Instagram where advertising is gaining momentum.
These figures contrast with those announced the day before by Twitter competitor who still suffered a net loss of $ 107 million and delivered a disappointing growth forecast citing “increasing competition for marketing budgets on social networks.”
According to research firm eMarketer, Facebook is who wins in the lion’s share, cashing approximately two-thirds of advertising spending on social networks.
David Wehner nevertheless hinted slowing momentum displayed by the group. “The main drivers of the growth of our advertising revenues will continue throughout 2016, but we will have more difficult comparisons as as the year progresses,” he said.
Facebook continues anyway to invest heavily to develop, with expenses expected to increase in total this year from 30% to 35%, according to its CFO.
“We still have much work to do” and “that means doing large investments and take risks, “said Mark Zuckerberg.
He particularly emphasized the efforts of the group in the video, which he will eventually be” at the heart of all our services and applications. ” Facebook put particularly like Twitter, on live video.


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