Saturday, July 30, 2016

Diesel: “Everybody cheats, one way or another” – Le Parisien

D irector Auto Press Club and expert in the automotive industry, Didier Laurent believes that the certification rules for vehicle emissions are ” totally outdated. “

The commission set up by Ségolène Royal does not rule out that other manufacturers use” cheats “software. Is this possible?
DIDIER LAURENT. I am convinced that other manufacturers could install software tricksters and Volkswagen is not the only to have sinned. But still have to prove it. Investigations conducted by the experts of the Royal Commission were not sufficiently detailed to allow to determine. One thing is certain, officially reported by automakers fuel emissions and consumption levels are a huge deception. In addition, everyone cheats in one way or another, at the level of certification tests to make its most virtuous models. Even the government is complicit because the certification requirements are frozen for years.

What it means?

 As cars, in real conditions, consume and pollute more than what is displayed by the manufacturer. Whatever the model, you can add 1 to 2 liters to the actual consumption of your car from the specifications we present you. First, because today’s technologies are diverse (hybrid or 100% thermal) and do not meet the same consumer logic. Furthermore, because the regulation is completely obsolete. In addition, the cars presented by manufacturers for laboratory tests are especially prepared to consume and pollute as little as possible. Between Fully charged batteries and the choice of ultra-low resistance tires rolling, the motorist will not necessarily on his car, you can win 4 or 5 g of CO2 per kilometer for approval.

Is it, as suggested by the Committee, withdraw their approval to vehicles that consume more than what announces the manufacturer?

 No, it would not serve much. What consumers want most is more transparent and that manufacturers are investing heavily in real cleantech. There, it would be effective for our lungs and the planet.

How to rebuild trust between consumers and manufacturers?

 The approval of the vehicles system is reviewing its entirety. We must enact fair rules. It is planned in 2017 to review the test protocols at European level to be closer to the actual driving consumption. We will see then climb homologated consumption of all vehicles by 10 to 15% for the same engine.

How to go further?

 consumption calculations must be established by differentiating gasoline, diesel, hybrid and plug-in hybrids. When we present a hybrid model of 400 hp, which officially consumes only 2.1 liters / 100 km, it is impossible. In fact, this car will consume on average three to four times on a long drive. We have to say.

The chronology of “Dieselgate”

2014. Researchers, commissioned by several US NGOs, discovering that Volkswagen vehicles emit up to 40 times the amounts allowed by the nitrogen oxide state. The US authority in charge of the Environment (EPA) is notified.

18 September 2015. EPA makes public information. Dieselgate early scandal. The Volkswagen company recognizes his fault.

April 23, 2016. The German government published the results of emissions tests. Sixteen manufacturers are pinned.

July 29, 2016. The Royal Commission does not rule out the fakers software equip other brands. Of the 86 vehicles, selected randomly, many limit violations were found.


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