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Around the World of Solar Impulse, a strike at Air France and WYD: the brief morning – Le Figaro


2 Solar Impulse succeeded his world tour – Solar Impulse 2 landed this morning in Abu Dhabi. This aircraft capable of flying day and night with solar energy as the only fuel, has completed a round the world unprecedented. The aircraft landed in the early morning at Al-Batten Airport near the capital of the United Arab Emirates, where he had gone 9 March 2015 for a journey of over 42,000 km, across 4 continents . Weighing 1.5 T, as large as a Boeing 747, the SI2 flew at an average speed of 80 km / h thanks to batteries that store solar energy captured by 17,000 photovoltaic cells on its wings.

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Grève Air France – European flights as well as ways and short-haul domestic network provided by devices Air France will be more disturbed than long-haul Wednesday by the strike by cabin crew (flight attendants) according forecasts delivered by the airline company Monday. The latter is estimated that over 90% of its long-haul flights could be maintained Wednesday for some with fewer passengers. 70% of medium and short-haul flights could be provided with some flights also reduced passenger numbers. Air France table at this stage on an average strike rate of around 35% on Wednesday, with rates of around 40% for long-haul business and 25% for medium-haul activity.

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Michelle Obama to support Hillary Clinton – Divisions of the Democratic party continued to be apparent Monday at the opening of the Democratic convention. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is struggling to control his supporters who refuse loudly to support Clinton. “Hillary Clinton has become the next president of the United States,” said Senator from Vermont face reassembled defenders, who booed until the mention of the former secretary of state. In an email to the delegates, Senator from Vermont had invited more than required, set little respected. “Our credibility as a movement will come damaged by boos, back turned, the dining outlets and other demonstrations. This is what the media wants. This is what Donald Trump wants, “he had said.

In a speech that sparked more unity, the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama stole the show at Vermont Senator and seemed to renew the enthusiasm of Democrats. Evoking the way she educates her daughters, Sasha and Malia, she summarized her face posture to the campaign of Donald Trump, which involves regularly Barack Obama. “When someone is cruel or behaves like a brute, it does not lower its level. No, our motto is: ‘when they aim low, we aim above’, “said the First Lady. “There’s only one person I think she’s really qualified to be president of the United States, and he is our friend Hillary Clinton,” she continued before defending a Democratic candidate “who never gives in to pressure.”

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attack with knives in Japan – Nineteen people were killed and 25 injured in a knife attack in a center for mentally handicapped, to Sagamihara, west of Tokyo, perpetrated in the early hours on Tuesday by a former employee. Man aged 26, went to the police, claiming to be the author of the shooting, said a spokesman for police in Kanagawa Prefecture. He reportedly told the police, “the handicapped should all disappear,” according to remarks quoted by the daily Asahi

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New constitution in Turkey – purges all-out launched by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the failed coup July 15, continues: they are 42 journalists who have been punished. Meanwhile, the president had Monday in a rare gesture of unity, a long interview with two opposition leaders. “All the main parties are ready to start work on a new constitution,” said after the meeting Minister Binali Yildirim the first. The current Constitution was drafted after a previous coup in 1980 and the government has long called for his change

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official opening of World youth Day – in Krakow, Poland, everything is ready to welcome nearly 2 million young Catholics the occasion of World youth Day (WYD). The opening Mass will be held Tuesday evening. Meanwhile, with the influx of pilgrims, half of the 800,000 inhabitants of Krakow have already left the city for the whole week.

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job applicants more or less? – Government releases 18 hours the number of job seekers registered at employment center in late June, after a slight increase in May, however, that part of a context of improvement. In late May, the number of job seekers without work stood at 3.52 million people in France, or more (+ 0.3%) in April 9200. Degradation came tarnish the two consecutive months of decline previously recorded – a very strong March (60,000 unemployed) – which was a new series since early 2011

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Finally, on Tuesday, July 26

Day One Anne

– It was 60 years ago …. Colonel Nasser nationalizes the Suez canal in order finance the construction of the huge Aswan dam, after the US refusal to participate. The dam must channel the Nile water to help control its floods and develop intensive agriculture – including cotton – and to provide the country with electricity. For the British and the French, it is a violation of their rights. They then decide to freeze Egyptian assets and remove food aid.

Listed weather,

Morning – Variable cloudiness with a few clouds on the three quarters of the country, with a sky busier south of the Garonne or towards the German border. A few residual showers are possible between Dijon and the Vosges. Dry, sunny weather in the Southeast

Afternoon -. In cloudy necessary everywhere, with a sky often emerged on the seashores. the sky is rather nebulous between the Landes and the Pyrenean foothills. Thundershowers are expected near the reliefs of the east of the Pyrenees and on the Corsican terrain

Night -. A few possible thunderstorms between the plain of Alsace and the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Corsican mountains. calm elsewhere

Night . – calm everywhere. Some of Mistral and Tramontana near the Mediterranean.



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