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Unemployment continues to rise in June – The World

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In June, less than 25 years without any  activity were more likely to seek a position in  France: + 0.8%, same thing for 50 years and over  (under Category A) + 0, 2%.


the inflection – as expected – the unemployment curve is slow to confirm. In June, the number of job seekers without any activity (category A) increased by 5400 in France, to almost 3.526 million, an increase of 0.2%, according to statistics made public on Tuesday July 26, through the ministry of labor and employment center.

This figure (which totaled 3.781 million, taking into account overseas) increased for the second consecutive month, after net outflow recorded in March and April. It casts a shadow over the speech repeated for several weeks by the executive that “I feel better” .

The results are also disappointing if we take into account the job seekers who have worked Pool (class B and C) adding to the unemployed “strict sense” (category a), the total is 5.434 million in France (almost 5.734 million on the entire territory french), up 0.1% in one month

Another disappointment. the age of 25, with no activity, are more likely to seek a position in France (+ 0.8% in a month and 0.6% over one quarter). And statistics are also trending up for registrants Pole of at least 50 years employment (under Category A). + 0.2% in June

A unemployment rate to 10.2%

the Minister for employment, Myriam El Khomri, wants to go beyond these monthly reminder that the trend since January, remains good despite snags suffered in May and June. “In the first six months of the year, she insists in a statement, enrollment [Category A] fell 54 800. “ or declined for two consecutive quarters, ” which was more observed since early 2008 “ does complete.

for young, “the balance sheet remains positive” , says she with a decrease of nearly 11,000 since early January.

another encouraging sign which Government can claim concerns the people registered at employment center for at least one year (in categories a, B and C): they see their numbers fall by almost 1% in June (from 2.2% three months ago). So, the proportion of long-term unemployed down, too, falling back to 45.2% throughout France (- 0.8 points over three months)

In mid-June. INSEE had said in a memo on the economy, the recovery of growth (+ 1.6% in 2016) is expected to create 139 000 jobs in the market sector this year. The unemployment rate would increase from 10.2% of the active population (9.9% in France) at the end of March to 9.8% (9.5% in France) in December.


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