Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Acting looking good lets hope a future improvement in employment – Le Figaro

Temporary employment has risen sharply in the first half. A new auspicious because the agency work sector is a good leading indicator of the labor market.

The results are positive for the interim which rose 5.8% over the first six months of the year. The industry is turning the corner and is now about 10% below its level before the crisis of 2008-2009.

The growth in temporary, besides the immediate positive effect, is a good news for the job because it is a leading indicator, with 6 to 12 months ahead, the trend of the labor market of the market in all sectors. Indeed, when the economy recovers, companies first hire temporary agency. Then, when the business is consolidating, they recruit CDI. Beware though, the interim accounts for only 3% of wage employment, so it is not an indicator of the unemployment rate.

The interim grows faster for middle managers and professions

On the other hand, the interim no longer means necessarily with low-skilled occupations. Since early 2016, skilled workers and middle managers and professionals are the two occupational categories are developed most such contracts, with respectively 9.3% and 7.2% increase.

from a geographic perspective, all regions are in the same boat. They are certainly all on the upside but some manage to stand out. The Pays de la Loire and the Ile-de-France are well ahead, with a 13% increase of temporary contracts in the first half of 2016. The regions of the Southwest and Normandy did not exceed 1.4% progression.

overall, all of the major sectors are on the upside. Transport has an increase of 11% and services 7.4%, closely followed by the construction sector with 7.1%. In particular transport reflect the increased trade and thus improve the situation. Industry and commerce are somewhat behind, with 4.7% increase for the first and only 1.6% for the second.


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