Saturday, July 23, 2016

Germany: a man out in the crowd in Munich, at least nine deaths – Le Point

terror scenes in Munich. The city of Bavaria has been the target of a shooting in a mall. Nine people died and there are 16 injured. Update on the situation.

Shootout in a mall

This is some 18 hours before the alarm was raised. The young man, who appears dressed in black in an amateur video, opened fire on passers-by away from a McDonald’s restaurant near the mall. Seen shooting at people fleeing screaming.

“They entered the McDonald’s to eat (…) Then there was panic” and “people came out power, “one woman told the Bavarian public television. She heard three shots, “the children were crying, people rushed to the exit by panicking,” she added. A man, an employee of a store shopping center, told to have crossed an assailant. “He shot two people and I fled to leave the building by climbing a wall And then there were bodies and injuries. “

the young German-Iranian then entered the mall and continued shooting at bystanders, according to testimony before fleeing. Shot by a police patrol, he was eventually found dead 1 kilometer away. After sending minesweepers to verify that it was not carrying explosives on him, the police found that he had committed suicide. For hours, the whole Bavarian metropolitan area was placed under siege because the authorities feared, based on testimony that up to three authors have fled the city. More than 2 000 police officers from across the country and neighboring Austria, including elite response units were deployed, while the sky was crisscrossed by helicopters and police called on the population to remain cloistered in she. The streets are emptied and all public transport were temporarily suspended.

A terrorist act?

Police said early evening “suspect a terrorist act” but do not have evidence to establish an Islamist motivation. “When someone enters a mall with a gun and shoots at people like that, one can hardly think of anything else,” he said at one point the spokesman of the police, Marcus Martins da Gloria. The police then more cautious once established that the author had acted alone, noting that the motivations were “unclear”.

The head of the local police, Hubertus Andra, said the author had shouted something in passing the act, unable to say anything at this stage, while some media reported a jihadist slogan. Although the motives remain to be determined, the shooting comes at a very heavy climate in Europe. This is the third attack against civilians in Europe in less than ten days after the attack the ram truck in Nice (Southern France), July 14, which was 84 dead, and the attack ax Würzburg

the gunman. German-Iranian

the author of the attack is a German-Iranian 18 whose motives are at this stage “totally unclear “, said Saturday the head of the local police. “The author is a German-Iranian 18 Munich” was not known to police and lived for two years now in the Bavarian capital with dual German and Iranian citizenship, said Hubertus Andra during ‘ a press conference.

a police patrol was then wounded in the gun but the young man managed to escape. His lifeless body was found later, at 18 h 30, the police, who found that he had committed suicide. The security forces have thought at first to deal with three authors as a suspicious car with two men on board had been seen by witnesses fleeing at high speed close to the place of facts. “It turned out that the two men had nothing to do” with it, said Hubertus Andra.

A despicable act for Holland

World leaders whole have supported Germany. “The terrorist attack that hit Munich, causing many casualties, is a new despicable act that aims to capture terror Germany after other European countries. It will face. She can count on the friendship and cooperation of France, “wrote the French presidency, nine days after the attacks the truck that left at least 84 dead and over 300 injured in Nice on 14 July. “The President of the Republic guarantees the German people for their sympathy and support at this difficult time,” according to the Elysee. François Hollande “has sent a personal message to Chancellor Merkel from the first hours of the drama,” recalled the Presidency. He added: “He will meet with them on Saturday morning.” The German Chancellor Angela Merkel had expressed solidarity with France in the fight against terrorism after the bombing of Nice, ensuring that Germany was “alongside France in the fight against terrorism.” “The words barely enough to say what unites us to our French friends,” she added, referring to his “amazement” after the attack.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for Saturday in Berlin a meeting of its federal security Council, announced Peter Altmaier, one of his relatives, adding: “We are determined to do everything so that terrorism and inhuman violence did not say in Germany.” This “deadly Munich attack horrifies me to the point,” said German President Joachim Gauck in a statement. US President Barack Obama promised the German authorities “all the support they need.”

Iran “condemns” this act and “expresses its solidarity with the people and the German government,” Bahram said Ghassemi, spokesman of the Iranian Foreign quoted by news agencies IRNA and ISNA. Ghassemi condemned “the murder of innocent defenseless” and asserted that “there are other choices that total control and without discrimination” against terrorism.


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