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Yahoo, the fallen star of the Net – Liberation

“Yahoooooo” … This is the cry of despair of the last aficionados Star web 90s they had confirmation of its purchase by US telecoms operator Verizon for $ 4.8 billion (just over 4.3 billion euros). An even more bitter pill to swallow for the shareholders of the California firm who remember that Yahoo had refused in 2008 by a Microsoft bid to … 45 billion dollars! But that was before Facebook and Twitter for complete ringardiser definitely Yahoo which failed to revive despite the acquisition of Tumblr in 2013 (for $ 1 billion). Verizon, who seems to have specialized in the recovery in the case of fallen glories of the Web, Yahoo and AOL account marry (acquired last year for $ 4 billion) to create “an international group of media first place. “ as for the boss of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, who will make his bags, she trusts that ” Yahoo has changed the world. ” Really? Back in ten key dates on the saga of a fallen star of the Internet

. 1994: two students create a “directory” Internet

The Yahoo story begins at the University of Stanford. By exploring the nascent web, two students at Stanford University in computer engineering, David Filo and Jerry Yang, spot many interesting sites they begin to list. Their idea was to give birth to the first web directory which opens the way SEO websites. Their “Guide of David and Jerry for the World Wide Web” offers theme classified sites. At a time when we do not even talk about search engines and Google is not born yet, this system developed loucedé on the university network is increasingly successful.

1995 yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

the network of Stanford University is so saturated by the attendance of site indexing David Filo and Jerry Yang are asked to go to develop their project elsewhere. The company Yahoo (Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle, “A hierarchical officious oracle ranking more”) was officially founded in 1995. The site is hosted by Marc Andreessen, the creator of the first web browser, Mosaic (1993), and Netscape, a pioneering Internet company. In addition to information classified by category (news and media, art and culture, health …), Yahoo offers a search engine embryo by keywords. The same year, the magazine Yahoo! Internet Life is launched in addition to the site to cover Internet culture. Created and published by the publisher Ziff Davis, this monthly dresses sexy covers that are the paw of the editor, Barry Golson, former head of Playboy. However, the magazine must stop in 2002, for lack of sufficient advertising revenue.

1996, “Yahoo!” goes public and landed in France

a pioneer in consumer Internet, Yahoo is a content portal and seeks to diversify its services. In April 1996, the firm goes public and sells 2.6 million shares at 13 dollars each. Follows the launch of the subsidiary Yahoo France in September 1996. Within months, the platform has the highest internet traffic hex. Its direct competitor, the French Nomade directory, created in 1996, is quickly exceeded. A year later, the company continues its development with an email service, the famous Yahoo Mail. The company then extends to Europe, Asia and South America over the years.

In 1996, the portal of the French version offered 14 different sections.

2001 first setbacks

2001, the threat internet bubble burst and the Californian company knows first decline in turnover after seven years of expansion. Concerned, the fall in advertising revenues, which represent over 90% of portal resources. The attacks of 11 September 2001 eventually destabilize the online advertising market. The new president of Yahoo, Terry Semel, the former Warner studios, then announced a wave of layoffs and diversification of the media in activities to reassure shareholders. Especially as AOL, with 75 million subscribers, now leads Yahoo (65 million followers) in the United States. Globally, Yahoo remains the world leader.

2003 retries

After the bubble burst, Yahoo is trying to withstand competition. In particular to a new named Google that literally invented the search engine in 1998, the notion of ringardisant internet directory while revolutionizing online advertising with its Adwords system. In 2003, Yahoo bought Overture therefore, specialist PPC becomes Yahoo Search Marketing. A few months earlier, Overture had acquired Inktomi and Altavista search engines. Yahoo took the opportunity to develop its own search technology (Yahoo Search technology) from February 2004. Yahoo is trying to overcome Google, the new number 1 web search, but it is not won.

From 2004 to 2007, launch of new services

At the beginning of 2004, Yahoo acquired the Kelkoo price comparison engine for Yahoo Shopping. The redemption amounts to 475 million euros, more than four times the Kelkoo profit in 2003 (€ 11 million). This strategy aims to attract advertisers, who can drive traffic to their sites. In late March 2005, Yahoo is trying to become an interactive platform by launching Yahoo 360 °. The platform focuses on publishing and sharing information: blogs, can rate businesses, sharing playlists … Now these services will remain in beta until 2009, when they were deleted. In 2007, the Group CEO, Terry Semel finally exchange strategy against its competitor. Yahoo offers to buy Google for a billion and $ 3 billion after the beginning of negotiations. But Google eventually declined the offer. After this failure, Terry Semel was demoted and eventually be landed a few months later.

In 2008, Yahoo makes its various services forward.

2008, Yahoo said no to Microsoft

January 2008 marks the beginning of a continuing saga between Yahoo and Microsoft . The software giant then offered to buy out California for $ 44.6 billion. A $ 31 per share, the promise is enticing: the price is then 62% higher than the value of the shares at the last fence. The goal for Microsoft, Yahoo is to absorb in order to garner more advertising revenue, and accelerate innovation, particularly in the areas of video, and mobile. But Yahoo is its independence and, after a few months, refused the offer as too low. Will ensue two other Microsoft proposed the same year, in June and July. But again, Yahoo made its difficult to refuse and will conduct joint negotiations with Google, to a partnership. Finally, the agreement with Google will be passed in November 2008, but overturned by the US Department of Justice. The discussion then resumed with Microsoft, but it is no longer a question of acquisition, rather an agreement. This is to enable advertisers to manage their advertising content on Bing (Microsoft’s search engine) and Yahoo via a single platform. The alliance will cohosh in December 2009 but the new stimulus strategy will not work longer than previous attempts. In September 2011, the owner of Yahoo, Carol Bartz, in fact charges, trip with loss and crash.

April 2012, 2 000 jobs deleted

Yahoo Group announces the suppression 2 000 jobs, or about 15% of its workforce, which are assessed at just over 14 000 people worldwide. The goal is clear: to achieve $ 375 million in savings per year. The new CEO of the California company, Scott Thompson, is then in charge of Yahoo a few months ago. He believes it is time for the former star of the Internet search to change strategy to refocus on users and advertising. He was finally dismissed from the firm after one hundred thirty days after service pocketing a neat bonus of more than $ 7 million.

July 2012, a former googleuse commands

LAS VEGAS, NV - JANUARY  07: Yahoo President and CEO Marissa Mayer Delivers  a keynote address at the 2014 International CES at  The Las Vegas Hotel & amp; Casino on January 7,  2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada . CES, the world's  Largest annual consumer technology trade show,  runs through January 10 and is expected to feature  3,200 EXHIBITORS showing off Their latest products  and services to about 150,000 attendees. Ethan  Miller / Getty Images / AFP

Marissa Mayer, a computer scientist from Wisconsin, former Vice-President responsible for mapping and location services at Google, is appointed President and CEO of Yahoo. It then does not really experience in business management, but many believe in creativity and spirit “young”. The CEO will multiply the acquisitions and partnerships, often with startups. Tumblr, RockMelt, Yelp, or BrightRoll Cooliris will be the main target of this offensive strategy. A successful challenge at first, since two years after his appointment, Yahoo sees its share price more than double. Marissa Mayer, sometimes talked about more pregnancies or pin-up version of photos published in Vogue as the business side has the luxury to be among the most influential people of Forbes and Fortune .

December 2015, Yahoo endangered

Yahoo’s Board of Directors decided not to sell its in the giant Chinese e-commerce Alibaba. Instead, he announced a separate web activities. This symbolizes a new terrible disavowal for Marissa Mayer, which supported the option of selling the shares. The CEO, after a dramatic breakthrough, is increasingly criticized. Investors keep it on a constant pressure, asking him to accelerate recovery of Yahoo, promised for three years. It must be said that the company is wrong: in the first quarter of 2015, net profit plunged 93%, while revenue fell 4%. 1100 jobs had to be removed during the same period, while 2800 other positions moved from full time to part time.

Only a few activities, including those around the mobile experience growth, with 61% of additional revenue. Research services, themselves, relate 19.5% more, thanks to the partnership signed between Mozilla and Yahoo, making it the default search engine on Firefox, instead of Google. No reassuring Forbes, as an article “The Last Days of Marissa Mayer.” It was also at that time that Verizon between track. The CEO of the American telecom giant, Lowell McAdam, evokes for the first time his ambition to buy Yahoo and AOL merged with, acquired the same year.

The latest version of Yahoo highlights the news.

Perrine Signoret Margaux Lacroux


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