Monday, July 25, 2016

GB / bankruptcy BHS: British MPs denounced the former boss Philip Green – Le Parisien

L es British MPs have strongly denounced Monday Philip Green billionaire, former head of the chain of department BHS stores, including the closure results in the loss of over 10,000 jobs .
policy Philip Green is “the unacceptable face of capitalism”, according to an unusually scathing parliamentary report, which speaks of “tragedy” for staff.
Frank Field, chairman of the parliamentary commission of work and pensions, attacked the tycoon, saying:. “? what kind of man can count his fortune in billions but do not know how to behave properly,” Mr.
Green bought BHS for 200 million pounds in 2000, before selling the chain in 2015 for a symbolic book to Dominic Chappell, a former businessman bankrupt without experience in the retail trade. The government
currently examining the title of Mr. Green knight, and this parliamentary report should strengthen calls for this honor it is removed.
A government spokesman said the case showed the need to “reform the capitalism so that it benefits all. “
the First Minister Theresa May assured her side she wanted to be right with” irresponsible behavior in the business world. “
court administrators announced in early June that the department store chain founded in 1928 was to put the key under the door lacking a buyer, leaving the tile and its 8,000 employees that pose additional threats to 3,000 indirect jobs.
unless a improbable rescue, the fall of BHS, who failed to modernize its business model to compete and internet sales, is the largest bankruptcy in the United Kingdom in the sector since that of Woolworths in 2008.
the total debt of the group amounted to 1.3 billion pounds (1.7 billion euros), including 571 million pounds for his only pension funds whose difficulties were an obstacle for buyers.


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