Saturday, July 30, 2016

Amazon: revenue jumped 31% over the year – DigitalVersus

Just like Apple, Google or Facebook, Amazon this week released the results of its second quarter 2016. True to its recent habits, the titan of e-commerce has given full satisfaction to its shareholders: it has managed to combine strong growth and positive net income
for Amazon, the quarter that ended June 30 was the second last of the fiscal year 2016. over the period, sales of products generated more than $ 21.1 billion in revenue, while services have brewed a whopping 9.3 billion. A total turnover reached 30.404 billion dollars, embodying an increase of 31% compared to the second quarter 2015. Operating income, he was $ 1.285 billion, against “only” 464 million a year earlier. Net income, finally, was unusually strong with respect to the investment policy of Jeff Bezos: it reached $ 857 million, almost 10 times more than the end of the same period in 2015 (92 million ).

for Amazon, this report is extremely flattering to more than one. First, it comes marking the fifth consecutive quarter crowned with a profit, which is really not insignificant in the history of the firm. Then it confirms the successful bet are the Amazon Web Services (AWS). Indeed, they have recorded over three months, 2.886 billion dollars in revenue, up 58% on the year. Above all, they generated a operating profit of $ 718 million. They thus contribute longer to the group’s profitability as e-commerce activities. – Knowing that they are still in expansion stage and have just landed in India

For the third quarter , Amazon is expected to continue this momentum. The dealer announces a turnover of between 31 and 33.5 billion, supported in particular by Prime Day was “ the biggest day ” in the history of the site. Compared to the 2015, the US giant evokes a jump of 60% in orders and ensures that sales partner shops “ nearly tripled .”


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