Tuesday, July 26, 2016

#PostMortem: Clap end for Take Eat Easy, investors already on the spot for a redemption? – Maddyness

The adventure of the Belgian startup Take Eat Easy stops here. Specializing in the delivery of meals at home, she would not have managed to break even three years after its creation, and ad being placed in receivership.

” It’s Over “. These are the first words of Chloe Roose, co-founder of Take Eat Easy, Medium in a post published this morning. The company, founded in September 2013 in Brussels and specializing in the delivery of meals on wheels, is bankruptcy despite a monthly growth of 30% over the last 12 months and more than a million of orders on the platform.

the reason: revenue that failed to cover the costs of startup , from 10 to 160 employees this past year to operate in 20 cities in which it is located but also unable to find investors to conduct a third fundraiser.

In March 2016, after being rejected by 114 funds we signed an agreement with a logistics group owned by the French state, for an investment of 30 million euros. Unfortunately, after three months of negotiations, their counsel dismissed the case and they eventually withdraw their

Adrien Roose, Director of Take Eat Easy in another post Medium


After this failure, the startup has finally tried to find new solutions to sustain life, including working parallel on two acquisition deals and financing, in vain . Today and after eight weeks of fighting last, it promises to be placed in receivership. Information that employees of the startup only learned this morning by telephone. If they still do not know how will unfold the next few weeks, the application and Take Eat Easy site are already closed .

A sad news that could do the other players in the sector such as happiness or Foodora Deliveroo , which continue each month to gain ground on the home meal delivery market . Some of them might even be interested in buying the young shoot, according to information from the media Le Soir. Meanwhile, this sudden death is a real bad sign for investment in Europe …

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