Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nice overwhelmingly voted in the Assembly, the state of emergency moves to the Senate in a climate still raw – Public Sénat

Shortly before 5:00, after a marathon discussion for the evening, MEPs overwhelmingly adopted by 489 votes against 26, with 4 abstentions, the fourth draft law extension, in a much trimmed semicircle than usual. The protesters, almost all left (Left Front, environmentalists and slingers PS), are at the same low water level than in recent times.

But this unanimity at the time of the overall vote mask profound differences right-left including the responses cursor placement terrorism.

While Republicans still claiming to “change the law,” the Prime Minister rejected any “emergency legislation”, including detention centers for suspected persons.

the Senate will debate at 17:00 of the extension until the end of January of this alternative system, in place since the attacks of 13 November.

a three-month extension was decided by François Hollande few hours after the attack truck, claimed by the Islamic State organization, having made 84 dead and 300 injured July 14 in Nice on the Promenade des Anglais.

the upper house majority to the right, will look to beef up the text voted by the deputies, which now provides a six-month extension of the state of emergency, claiming that part of the opposition and what the president had said opened.

the bill from the Assembly also re-establishes the administrative searches suspended in May, and provides for the seizure and exploitation of computer data and mobile phones, but Republicans (LR) want more.

the text that is unlikely to be adopted in the same terms in the Senate, a joint committee members, senators must meet, perhaps as early as Wednesday. If unsuccessful, the bill could only be definitively adopted on Friday.

Since the bombing in Nice, massive third deadly attack in 18 months, the country is marked by emotion but as tension, with a stiffening of the political class to the approach of internal elections to the right and national

-. ‘the lurking populism’ –

While LR elected but also the extreme right have done the trial of an executive that were not in their eyes everything necessary to protect the French of “barbarism” due to “radical Islam,” said Manuel Valls Tuesday night before the deputies he was “more than ever to block” because “populism prowl.”

“What seeks terrorism? It seeks to divide us, to divide us, to oppose, to arouse hatred, suspicion, quarrel, vindictiveness, “had earlier said Francois Hollande, in Lisbon. The Head of State called on the French to “live” and not “put one knee,” the day the Promenade des Anglais was completely reopened to traffic after three days of national mourning.

But nine months of the presidential election, several elected officials from all sides were concerned the climate in the country, some citing “risk of social explosion” or “civil war” in a “France overwrought “and who” fear “.

After a late fee to the Assembly in part spinning in RS and PS, discussion in the Chamber was often tense. She brushed the incident around about Laurent Wauquiez on the fate of “enemies of the Republic” by Manuel Valls denounced as a “strategy” deviating from “the Republican right.”

“Those who promise that everything can settle a magic wand lie to the French,” was released earlier the prime minister, referring to the statements of some right.

Mr. Holland could meet opposition when traveling Wednesday morning in the Dordogne to meet young reservists gendarmerie. He will speak at 11:30 on the operational reserve, but should also have a “broader” range, according to the Elysee.

Side survey, all of the 84 victims killed in the attack were formally identified. Nearly half are foreign nationals and “thirties” were Muslims, according to estimates of Nice imams. Olfa, Killian, Rachel … The funeral of victims across France on Wednesday and are expected to continue throughout the week.

Five people remained in custody Tuesday evening, a 35 year old man who was released.

None were known to intelligence services, as well as the killer truck Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. His allegiance to the Islamic State group (EI), which claimed responsibility, is not demonstrated at this stage.

Manuel Valls warned Tuesday against the risk of attacks coordinated, “but as attacks by autonomous individuals who access ideological tools Daech “, a” third generation “jihadists who makes the action of intelligence and security forces” particularly difficult “.


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