Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nice attack: the extension of the state of emergency massively … –

by by Edouard GUIHAIRE

the UK has passed on Wednesday a first step towards the implementation of the Brexit by announcing that he would not assume the rotating presidency of the EU Council in 2017, hours before a shift Theresa May in Berlin.

London was initially assume the presidency from July to December 2017 after Malta and Estonia before.

the new British Prime Minister Theresa May announced Tuesday that new evening conform to British vote in favor of leaving the EU, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

the conservative ruling argued that his country would be “very busy with negotiations to leave the EU”, which are a “priority”, according to Downing Street.

Belgium Wednesday expressed “readiness to resume the presidency if we are asked”, said the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while the EU ambassadors were to meet in Brussels in the day to advance on the subject.

Theresa May went Wednesday and Thursday on an official visit to Germany and France, his first trips abroad since taking office, during which it should start drawing the Brexit calendar.

It will try, in his services, “to establish strong working relationships” with two of its most important European partners and explain why his government “needs time” before opening negotiations divorce with the EU.

“I am determined that the UK makes the output of the European Union a success and that is why I decided to go to Berlin paris so soon after taking office, “Ms. May said a, expected Wednesday in Berlin for a working dinner with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

after Berlin, the First Minister will travel Thursday to paris to meet with President Francois Hollande.

on the agenda will include “the fight against terrorism and external security issues, the implementation of Brexit and the importance of the bilateral relationship,” said the French Presidency.

“Theresa May is to build bridges with counterparts,” he told AFP Iain Begg, of the European Institute London School of Economics.

“His first steps are the two most important capitals of Europe where it will be clear what she wants, what she stands for, the timetable it has in mind for the Brexit and how it intends to proceed,” he -t he added.

– ‘Cerner his counterpart’ –

If the Chancellor was first requested clarification “fast” post-Brexit British intentions, she then appeared more willing than others, including François Hollande, to give time to the new Prime Minister.

“I am delighted to make his acquaintance,” Merkel told the German broadcaster Sat.1, saying lends to “give the UK government the time to think.”

“the notice (of the output request) good will come next,” she said.

to punish and London shine because of Brexit “would not be the right way forward for future generations,” added the German President Joachim Gauck in an interview with Bild newspaper.

flexibility dictated by German economic interests. UK absorbs in fact 8% of German exports and home to many factories of German groups

“For Merkel, it will clearly be a period during which it will attempt to identify who is his counterpart, “said Iain Begg.

on the side of the french President, the priority was put on the organization” as soon as possible “EU negotiations output of the UK.

“In Holland, there are obviously the fear of contagion Brexit in France,” ruled Iain Begg.

“He’ll want to understand Theresa May that it can not delay it indefinitely or expect great gifts of France because Mr. Holland should think about domestic policy, “he said.

Nina Schick, the think tank Open Europe, “Paris and Berlin are divided on what should be the future of the EU.”

If Merkel can procrastinate for a time, “political goodwill will be lost if UK takes too long to activate Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, “said she said.


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