Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The strike will cost about 90 million euros to Air France – Boursier.com


PARIS (Reuters) – A strike will cost about 90 million euros to Air France, said Tuesday the CEO of the airline Frédéric Gagey

Air France. said Monday it would provide 90% of its flights Tuesday, the last day of the one-week strike of flight attendants, no long flight not to be canceled.

the company plans a back to normal Wednesday all its flights to be provided, said a spokesman.

this strike will cost “around EUR 90 million, a very large sum, it is wholesale value of a long-haul flight, “said Frédéric Gagey France Info radio, saying the move will hit 180,000 passengers.

the strike right in the crossover summer by two representative unions hostesses and stewards, UNSA-PNC and SNPNC aims to protest against a new collective agreement to come into effect on 1 November.

Air France has sent a letter to the three representative unions hostesses and stewards (UNSA-PNC, and SNPNC Unac) and offer them to resume discussions “during August,” said the spokesman of the company, confirming a report by AFP.

“We are in favor. Our goal is to achieve an agreement, “he told Reuters Christelle Auster, Deputy Secretary General of SNPNC, adding that the union did not wish to renew the strike.

Air France also indicated have proposed to the unions to maintain the current agreement until February 2017 to give an additional four months to reach an agreement.

“We would have preferred the application of the draft agreement (with a rewrite) November 1 because it contains life improvement measures of the cabin crew, “said Flora Arrighi, president of the Air France Unac, finding that the four additional months are” not necessary “.

the management company shall unions August 24 the new basis for negotiations, said Eric Chauvel, vice president of Air France Unac.

Unlike SNPNC and UNSA-PNC, the Unac decided in early July to postpone its strike notice to the period from October 14 to 17 to allow time for the new head of Air France-KLM Jean-Marc Janaillac which took office on 4 July.

(Jean-Baptiste Vey and Cyril Altmeyer; editing by Dominique Rodriguez)


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