Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Google and the US government will test all of delivery drones – The World

Google is not the only company to focus on  the delivery drones. Amazon, Walmart and Alibaba  also think about it.

the announcement was made by the White House Tuesday, August 2nd. The federal agency of aviation (FAA) and Google will test all drones delivery. This collaboration is part of a series of initiatives announced by the Obama administration to encourage the development of drones for purposes other than recreation.

The FAA will provide Alphabet, home -mother Google, one of its six drone test sites in order to evolve prototypes of his project “Wing” . The tests cover in particular the transport packets placed outside the UAV or the operation devices outside of their operator vision. The receuillies data will then be shared with the government.

$ 35 million financing

“Wing” , formalized in 2014, is one of the great “paris on the future” launched by the laboratory “X” . Besides the drones, this division Alphabet worked on cars without driver ( “Google Car” ) or balloons used as internet relay ( Project “Loon” ) .

Among the other initiatives announced Tuesday the National Science Foundation (NSF) will provide $ 35 million of funding over five years for work to design the drones more efficiently, monitor and give them useful applications such as infrastructure monitoring, response to disasters, agriculture and meteorological studies.

the announcement in Washington comes just weeks after the FAA announced a regulation concerning the use of commercial drones. These regulations limit for instant access to heaven drones under 25 kilos and stipulates that they must remain within the field of view of those who command them.

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Amazon, which evokes since 2013 his interest in delivery drones, found July 26 in partnership with the British government. Wal-Mart and Chinese Alibaba also reflect the potential uses of this technology.


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