Wednesday, August 3, 2016

SFR: Management proposes a compulsory redundancies without redundancy plan by 2019 – francetv info

The management of SFR offers union organizations plan for 5000 voluntary departure would not involve redundancies, by 2019. “Management agreed that, until 2019, he n ‘ there are no redundancies, no pure social, everything is based on volunteerism “, said, Tuesday, August 2, Abdelkader Choukrane, the Unsa, first SFR union, questioned the release of a meeting with the Minister of Labour, Myriam El Khomri.

“on the starting conditions, the last plan of departures which was negotiated in 2012 that will apply, the the company told us, it is between two and three months salary “ per year of service, he added. According to him, management has “confirmed” during a Monday night negotiating session “the target of 5 000 employees and less” , but ” is in a sense to try to reach an agreement “.

” what is on the table today is to relax the schedule, including up to 2019 without compulsory redundancies, so it is this notion of voluntary separation plan “, confirmed Isabel Lejeune-to, national secretary of the CFDT-F3C. But “not yet” , she warned. “Today, it is absolutely not sure that the negotiations will result” and “if the text that is on the table is not signed, management will resume full freedom “, has she said.

While confirming the commitment not to make redundancies until 2019, the representative of the CGT-FAPT Frederick Retourney, has question the intentions of management: “when we are told ‘no layoffs’ whereas over the last 18 months there have been 1200 departures, so how can be trusted we know very well that? methods of voluntary redundancy, it is ‘under duress’ for the majority of employees. ” “When we announced 5,000 cuts when there are 14,300 employees in the company, I do not see how we can talk about voluntary departures. It is a disguised social plan” , has he added.

Frédéric Retourney announced that “unions [were] meet with by the end of week to quickly organize a day of action for all employees of the group in late August or early September. ”

When redeeming SFR by Numericable in 2014, a guarantee of continued employment of three years had been concluded. It shall expire on 1 July 2017. Patrick Drahi, who took control of SFR, had evoked the end of June “overstaffed” of the telecoms group. After a long discussion with Myriam El Khomri, head of SFR, Michel Combes, received by the Minister after union representatives, told the press have been “reassure” the minister, but declined to comment on the information about what voluntary departure plan.

the leader reiterated that “of course, all the commitments made at the resumption of SFR with Numericable will required, both in terms of investment as employment or in terms of engagement with the french industry “. The CEO also recalled the priority focused on investing “that SFR can become what telecom leader it has been for years” and that related to “social dialogue within the company.”

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