Wednesday, August 3, 2016

“If supermarkets happens, we’re dead” – Le Parisien

Epinal (Vosges) From our correspondents Victor Tassel

Sabine, 55, tobacconist

P had before noon two workers pose carrot signaling a tobacco shop at the store entrance. At 15 h 45, the first packets of cigarettes are placed in the white display. Open since July 22, the Monop’station of Epinal station (Vosges) has just received its first delivery of tobacco. Angélique, an employee, brings two full boxes of cartridges and trying somehow to store cigarette packages. “I do not know anything about this business. I do not understand, “repeated she constantly. Espresso in hand, customers are surprised at the display. Former small businessman (he held a supermarket) become bus driver, Didier Lebrun was in competition with supermarkets. “Selling tobacco here? This is nonsense! . They make enough money that way, “he loose

However, the subsidiary of Monoprix simply repeated in June, two businesses – the Relay and the Croissant – which existed in the same place. And with employees. Which, by their own admission, are allowed to sell tobacco while they have yet made any training, nor received any training. And that’s what frustrates tobacconists raw. Installed on the banks of the Canal des Vosges, Sebastian and Vanessa Huberer star Pasha. With no employees, lack of resources, both spouses could take a week off since their installation there three years. They are embittered by the arrival of this somewhat special competitor. “Is that Monoprix is ​​tobacconist? No ! cookie is the former maintenance technician. Supermarkets want everything. Nothing will prevent them from taking our market! “

Facing the county museum of ancient and contemporary art, the Black Square, bar-tobacco held by Patrick Cornu since 1992.” They do not have the same constraints as we rebuke the tobacconist, skull shaved beard and red glasses on. For us, one of the managers must stay put, we do a course every two years, we pay a license around € 4000 … They have none of that! This is double standards. For them, the cigarette is just a loss leader to attract customers. “The man of 62 years is somehow the figure, the spokesman tobacconists in the city or the department. His fear? These Monop’station open the door to large retailers to conquer the market. “For years Leclerc positions. All Relay will be sold. And who are we going to see happen? Monoprix, obviously, and then the other. “

” There are a dozen, tobacconists, the town (Note: a little less than 40 000 inhabitants) , including four for sale … If supermarkets happens, we’re dead, “breath Sabine, tobacconist 55, fatalistic.

Le Parisien Epinal (Vosges) From our correspondents Victor Tassel


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