Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Strong employment center to pressure to return 500,000 unemployed in training – Le Figaro

The public body has issued an internal instruction indicating the procedure to get the unemployed of categories A, B or C to category D, reveals Chained Duck who has acquired the note . The quality of training could also suffer from this objective figures.

The reversal of the unemployment curve is on everyone’s mind. Then in June, falling promised number of job seekers for 2016 has still not taken place, the employment center would be desperate to reach the target set by the government. According to Chained Duck , employment center would broadcast last April 21 in its managers an “instruction” indicating how to put 500,000 new unemployed in training by the end of 2016 – corresponding to the target set by François Hollande – and thus reduce the numbers of categories A, B or C, most viewed. Making a total of 1 million unemployed in training over the year.

“The article Chained Duck on employment center is a caricature”

And the institution is at least the forcing. To achieve its objective, advisors are summoned to canvass a total of 2.2 million job seekers and offer them to enter training. For an unemployed person only goes to the end of his training – 19% of job seekers are conversely “carriers of their own training project.” Every month, each advisor must thus find 15 new job seekers to canvass. “It is under unrelenting pressure, we scraped our bottom of the barrel to find those who have expressed a desire for training,” says an adviser. Since May, the employment center uses the same services of a private company to contact potential candidates by phone.

In this context, the quality of the training offered raises questions. “Last year, we said no to almost everyone. Now it’s red carpet, so we said to all and without too many precautions, “reveals in a weekly employment center counselor. To save time, the public body also would abandon the tender with training organizations for the benefit of individual training requests.

“The article Chained Duck on employment center is a caricature, said on LCI Wednesday Clotilde Valter, Secretary of State for vocational training and apprenticeship. The trend over the long term is to lower unemployment. ” Same message to the government spokesman, Stéphane Le Foll, called RTL on Wednesday morning. “As always, some of those who are in training to be counted in category D. And you will always have the same people who will say ‘oh yes it certainly fall on the Class A but it increases in other categories’ a- he said. It’s all debate but the government’s goal is to put 500,000 formations. Training is a major challenge for the job. “


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