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Haute-Saône – The FDSEA wants to strike the VAT – France Agricole




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to alert to the plight of agriculture in the department, elected representatives of the FDSEA of Haute-Saône invite their members not to pay VAT. They also worry about future changes to the zoning related to the Nitrates Directive and the eligibility conditions in “disadvantaged areas”.

“It creates does more value, so why pay VAT (1)? “Asks Sylvain Crucerey, president of the FDSEA of Haute-Saône. On this basis, trade union representatives of the department offer their members not to pay VAT on their invoices. August 3, 2016, between 150 and 200 farmers, organizers, went to Gaec du Joli Bois Vallerois-le-Bois to launch this action.

The initiative was “well welcomed by some farmers present, but the feelings are shared, “says Sylvain Crucerey. By Thursday, the union will broadcast a type mail that members can join their checks with the missing VAT. “All invoices are concerned, remove 20% minimum,” he said.

The aim is to put pressure on the state. “To save the banks, the state has cleared the debts, he recalls. Today if the state wants to save agriculture, take her courage and clear debts of a number of farmers. “

The Nitrates Directive and the new ICHN worried

All sectors are affected by the union’s appeal. In field crops, Haute-Saône is affected by the disastrous harvest that shook France. “Some farms lose € 100,000 because of weather conditions, Sylvain Crucerey exclaims, wheat yields are between 25 and 30 q / ha. “

Meanwhile, farmers would lose” 8 euro cents on each liter of milk produced, “while” on beef, producer prices fell by 15% in 1 year “said a statement from the union.

for these climatic and economic factors in addition to regulatory changes. “There would be a doubling of the area concerned by the Nitrates Directive within 2 years, worries the president of the FDSEA, the upgrading would cost € 30,000 per farm. “

He also denounces the upcoming changes to the allocation of ICHN. “In 2018, the criteria for less favored areas could evolve and part of the department would no longer be eligible, ensures Sylvain Crucerey. Some farms could lose € 20,000 more. “

(1) value added tax


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