Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Dubai airport: the first global hub closed after the crash of a plane of Emirates –

Dubai International airport has suspended all flights departing and arriving after the spectacular crash of Flight EK521 Emirates from Trivandrum in India. Following a problem during landing, the 300 people (including 12 crew) on board the Boeing 777 Emirates company immediately evacuated before it caught fire.

Emirates and airport authorities have confirmed that all passengers and crew were safe.

Dubai airport is the hub of Emirates, this gigantic airport rotating plate on which converge the tens of millions of passengers that the company transports each year.

Boosted by the strong growth of the company, Dubai airport ranked third in the world in passenger traffic in 2015 (79 million passengers according to figures from the AIT) and even one in the world if one considers only international traffic (77.45 million passengers). By comparison, Paris CDG was the ninth largest airport in 2015 (65.8 million passengers) and the number 4 in terms of international passenger traffic (60.4 million passengers).

On his Facebook account, Emirates provides a break in activity for 8 hours, knowing that many flights have already been canceled altogether.


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