Saturday, July 16, 2016

Live: the Islamic State claims the attack of Nice, five relatives of the killer in custody – The World


Julia, 29, Niçoise, was on the promenade des Anglais with its companion, Benjamin, 32 “We came to attend the fireworks, we were on the promenade des Anglais at the height of the Meyerbeer street, close to the palace of the Mediterranean [where the race truck stopped], there were musicians on stage. suddenly, people started running in all directions, and we immediately thought of an attack. we knew it could Nice to get too, but we did not expect it, especially as it was a nice night so there were many children, a good atmosphere, it was family. there, I said to myself: “. Here, it’s what’s happening, there is ” we did not know it was going on, but we started chasing us. at one point, I turned my head and saw a truck driving very fast, it zigzagged on the road, sometimes ascended the embankment, he drove like a madman, and police were firing behind him. We were refugees under the stage with other people, and we stayed there a long time, because it was not known if there were armed terrorists who could have come to us. I thought it ‘ was the last night of my life. Finally, when we saw it subsided, we went out and we started to run like crazy to home not far. people were refugees in the lobby of our building, we made them up and they stayed with us until 5 pm 30 am.


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