Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Time Warner invests in Hulu, Netflix competitor – The World

Time Warner has invested $    583 million  to take a 10% stake in the Hulu video streaming  site.

Jeff Bewkes, CEO of Time Warner announced Wednesday, August 3 the group’s stake in Hulu. The media giant will acquire 10% of the streaming site for $ 583 million. Hulu has 11 million subscribers, four times less than Netflix in the US.

Several channels in the group will be available on qu’Hulu television service must start in 2017. “This investment fits like a glove with our strategy, “, assured Jeff Bewkes. “It will increase the group’s exposure to the growth of online services, and give more resources to Hulu to offer consumers more programming and more choices, encouraging competition and innovation among both video-on-demand and in TV broadcasting services. “

A media landscape upset

Time Warner, which already has in its portfolio HBO, CNN, TNT, TBS and Warner studios Bros joins Hulu capital of its rival Disney, the 21st Century Fox and cable operator Comcast, owner of NBC Universal.

All of these entertainment corporations must adapt to changes in the media landscape American, upset by the phenomenon of “unbundling” the progressive disinterest in overcrowded offers of channels on cable and satellite.

According to a 2014 study by the Nielsen Institute, American homes receive on average 189 channels but does look as 17. They are turning more and more to streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, cheaper and offer more individualized.

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