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The father of the law … El Khomri escapes the Labour Law – Marianne

Pierre-André Imbert is a happy man . The last council of ministers has just offered him a cushy career end, and a secure retirement, since according to the official statement he was appointed General Inspector of Finance (outside round), effective 1 September 2016. Who is Pierre-André Imbert ? Answer:. Myriam’s cabinet director El Khomri (and before that of Michel Sapin and François Rebsamen), Minister of Labour

The trajectory of our forties (he is 45 years old ) worth telling. Imbert began as economics research professor at Paris I, left, really left up écrires articles in Diplomatiqu the World e, to participate in scientific council of Attac, and sign with economist Liem Hoang Ngoc (now close to Jean-Luc Mélenchon) an economists call out of the doctrinaire , and advise Emmanuelli to chair the Finance Committee Assembly between 1997 and 2002.

Formed by the firm of Raymond Soubie

But Imbert is a victim of Lionel Jospin. Specifically the defeat of Jospin. And here only after a fierce defender of the 35 hours he finds himself hired the firm Altedia (then Alixio), owned by Raymond Soubie . Changing world. Soubie, the Social appointed Mr governments right: he started in Joseph Fontanet (Minister Pompidou and Chaban Delmas en1969) and advised Raymond Barre, Chirac, Balladur, Fillon at Matignon and Chirac at the Elysee Palace and well Naturally, Nicolas Sarkozy, always at the Castle.

Raymond Soubie, intelligent, cunning, introduced is a little social liberalism of the Pope in France. His cabinet Altedia (then Alixo) is also in great demand by major groups when they carry out social plans. Imbert will become an expert in something as’ director of social engineering control and restructuring . According to the defector working capacity impresses his colleagues. It seems that the loaning out to projects of “big business” does not prevent our man always pull to the left, to participate in the Holland campaign team. Once it elected Imbert joined the cabinet of Michel Sapin Labor in June 2012.

According to social connections Nominated adviser on business and economic changes, he plays firefighters and PSA-Mory Ducros and set to music securing employment law . “” Before, procedures were conflicting and never ended. Today, the challenge of PES rate was divided by four! “is he welcomes. Sunday work, training personal account reform of the Ministry … “ No way to slow down! Prevents this hard worker. This is not because we are mid-term there are more ideas to implement.

Imbert, relay Valls to draft the future Labour law

Pierre-André Imbert will become dir-cab Rebsamen then Myriam El Khomri. What will play a crucial role in the design of the Labour Act as the minister arrived totally on the . This role is revealed by another cabinet member, Peter Jacquemain, who shortly after resigning, gives an interview to Humanity . Work bill “is a historical error” , he says, including Myriam El Khomri is not responsible since, really, politics Ministry of Labour decides otherwise, at Matignon. It is the Prime Minister who sets the tone. “ And the relay Valls is Imbert, according to the revelations of another anonymous adviser of El Khomri that explains in the Canard chained “the reform came all written on the desk of the minister. Its flexibility has been reduced to nothing. It is the private secretary of the minister, Pierre-André Imbert – imposed by Valls team – who managed everything. “

In the Valls project qu’Imbert formats, there are many things: the ability to waive overtime, develop schedules, there was also a miserable fee schedule for compensation for unfair dismissal, a loose definition of redundancy, etc. … All things that the former chief of staff, after a career in giant slalom between the doors left and right ones, is not likely to suffer now that it is warm in one of the most comfortable closets and better paid of the State civil Service . Where the reform of the Labour Code, which applies only to private sector employees can not in any way reach. As they say, the councilors are not paying …

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