Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Restructuring strikes: two years of turbulence Air France – L’Express

– “ Perform 2020 ” –

In September 2014, Air France-KLM presents the plan “ Perform 2020 ” which provides for the development of the low cost subsidiary Transavia.

The drivers went on strike against the conditions of development of Transavia France. An agreement-management unions that sets the conditions for posting of volunteer pilots to fly with Transavia is signed in December.

– “ Plan B ” –

In June 2015, a “ Plan B ” that includes closing long haul routes is presented in the central works council (CEC). It will be implemented in case of failure of negotiations on “ Perform 2020 .”

Negotiations with the pilots’ unions end in failure, and October 1, the Board of Directors (BoD) decided to implement Plan B: line closures and 2,900 job cuts .

– Shirts torn –

While the plan B is presented to the CEC October 5, 2015, 2,500 employees demonstrate the outskirts of the meeting. Two executives, including HRD Xavier Broseta are victims of violence by demonstrators. The images of their torn shirts provoke outrage.

Five employees are placed in custody. Four of them are dismissed “ gross negligence .” The fifth, staff representative, the subject of a specific termination procedure. The labor inspectorate refuse his dismissal.

– New map –

In January 2016, thanks to a more favorable economic conditions, Air France introduces a new plan for an increase in the fleet and potential hires to replace ” Plan B . ”

The unions denounce “ a decay plane concealed by an ingenious communication plan .” In February, Air France-KLM announces 2015 results in the green, the first in seven years, particularly due to lower fuel prices.

– Negotiations and strikes –

In April, Management proposes to pilot an increase in productivity, flexibility measures and hiring 600 drivers by end of 2020 .

It commits parallel renegotiating working conditions with the flight attendants. Unions generally reject these proposals. Janaillac replaces Jean-Marc Alexandre Juniac as CEO of the group.

From June 11 to 14, the pilots went on strike while the Euro football starts in France. From 27 July to 2 August, it was the turn of the flight attendants. This movement has cost around 90 million euros to the company, according to its CEO.


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