Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Air France: A new strike for nothing? – The Express

One more strike for nothing at Air France. Flight attendants put a stop Tuesday in their movement which cost “around EUR 90 million” in the airline, according to its CEO Frédéric Gagey. More than double the strike pilots held over four days at the start of Euro 2016. Conflicts and are very similar: expensive, they do not lead to any agreement.

A strike in full tourist season

The company agreement that sets the rules of work, remuneration and advancement of cabin crew will end October 31. Management proposes to extend the seventeen months. Unions want a more long term. “We always had agreements that lasted five years, or three and a half years”, explained on BFMTV Christelle Auster, Associate SNPNC-FO Air France. For unions, the return of the green accounts in 2015, mainly due to lower oil prices, gives management room for negotiation.

A week strike in the middle of summer, when flights are more intensive. France Info Tuesday, Frédéric Gagey lamented the “very negative impact for the image of Air France”, at a time when the company seeks to “strengthen the sense of service.” “200,000 customers were affected this week,” Does it confirms L’Express at Air France. “We offered them solutions at time of travel, even send them to the competition. Those who have experienced delays and inconvenience will start to send their bills. In the future, the act of buying home will be more confident. ”

Trading resumes on August 24

But the blackest of this review is the social dialogue aspect, became dialogue of the deaf with the pilot strike in 2014 and real confrontation since the affair of the torn shirt in October 2015. during this new strikes, management and unions are returned to Figure the charge of “brinkmanship”. Failing agreement, the dispute could rebound in the fall, causing further losses for the airline.

“We have reached the climax of social conflict,” said L’Express Xavier Picq, UNSA-PNC delegate. “But we are not in a strike at the old communist with his fist.” This means that each side, the hope still find a way out. As proof, the union is pleased to have received this morning a letter from Gilles Gateau, HRD of the company, prompting unions to the negotiating table on 24 August, “to overcome this deadlock and reach an agreement.”

Janaillac “a little more open to dialogue”

“Mr. Janaillac [successor of Alexander Juniac at the head of Air France-KLM, Ed ] appears to be a little more open to dialogue than Frederick Gagey “said Xavier Picq. The new boss has the particular advantage of not being part of the former management team. Will this be it enough to coax employees? “Behind these seventeen months ago an industrial project that hides to overhaul the long and medium-haul”, suspects the union. But UNSA says ready to accept a new enterprise agreement for an unlimited period, the termination will remain possible at any time.

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