Monday, August 1, 2016

Pom’Potes combines with Laughing Cow – Le Figaro

The cheese maker Bel is preparing to hand over Mom specialist nomadic desserts.

 Bel and add  & # xE0; its portfolio star products of go  & # XFB; ter such as gourd stewed Pom'Potes,  invented xe9 & #;. e in 1998 by its historic  brand Materne

Bel and add to its portfolio of products to taste stars such as gourd stewed Pom’Potes invented in 1998 by its historic brand Materne Photo credits:.

Cheese and dessert. In preparing to lay hands on Mom society through exclusive negotiations, the Bel dairy group takes position in sweet products. A first for the company whose trademarks of cheese is the heart of business.

This merger – which should be concluded by year-end, after submitting the agreement to the representative bodies and competition authorities – is a marriage of convenience. It aims to strengthen Bel, the world leader in cheese portion, with Babybel, Laughing Cow, Kiri, Leerdammer or Boursin, in its development strategy in the “healthy snacks” a long-term project that guide its not since 2012.

by acquiring the 65% stake in Mom held since early 2011 by LBO France, Bel therefore add to its portfolio of products to taste stars such as gourd stewed Pom’Potes invented in 1998 by its historic brand Materne but Recre O’lé of Mont Blanc, who joined Materne house in 2006 to provide Mom. The cheese also inherits a group known for its innovation and very healthy. With a turnover of 362 million euros in 2015, the company based in Boue, in Aisne, has doubled in size in the past five years. It has four factories, two in France and two located in the United States closer to apple producers, raw material lighthouse.

“There will be no merger with Bel, at any level”

With this acquisition, the group ensures Bel nothing will change, either in the brand portfolio or in the workforce. The management team Mom (who owns 35% stake), chaired by Michel Larroche, will stay in place and keep its autonomy. “There will be no merger with Bel, at any level,” says Eric de Poncins, the general manager of forecasting and development of Bel. For management, who sign and its second external growth operation after Safilait takeover in Morocco last year, marks the group Mom still offer good growth prospects, with obvious industrial synergies. “We have much to do before considering further acquisitions in this sector. Pom’Potes can go much further with other products and a portfolio in the largest fruit as possible, “explains Eric de Poncins. Similarly, Bel good expectations based on development, “particularly in areas of Africa and the Middle East where Bel is very active,” Gogo Squeez yogurt, which is preserved at room temperature and was launched by the Mom United States in 2008.

for the Bel group, which achieved a steady half-year 2016 business, to 1.449 billion euros, and generated operating income up 19.1% including thanks to low milk prices, the desserts are a “second leg” on which he plans to support long-term. The goal is to become a major player sound go consumption booming, even if individual portions are not in line with the requirements of all consumers in packaging reduction and sustainable development.


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