Monday, August 1, 2016

Air France strike: what to expect Tuesday? – The echoes

After a costly strike to Air France, a near return to normal traffic air is expected for Tuesday. 7th and last day of the strike by its cabin crew, the company plans to fly 100% of its long-haul flights without capacity restriction and almost 90% of its domestic flights.

In addition, 85% of medium-haul flights should also be maintained to and from Paris-CDG. Air France also believes oar that the rate of striking cabin crew will drop to 25% against 32% planned for Monday.

“Tens of millions of euros”

Monday, fifty flights were canceled or had to be out of Paris and another fifty on arrival, while at Orly, 21 flights were canceled at the arrival and 25 departure, according to an airport source.

the strike by flight attendants of Air France will cost “tens of millions of euros” for the company, said Monday on France Inter Frédéric Gagey, CEO of the airline. “This movement has particular as impact negatively affect economic performance” of the company, the CEO added, however by confirming that the company “should remain with a positive operating result in 2016″.

the operating result of the Air France-KLM group rose in the green in the first half to 218 million euros against a loss of 238 million in the first half of 2015.

No new proposals

“at a time when the results improve, management wastes in an industrial dispute with employees who already made an effort increased to 20% of productivity gains, “said for his part the SNPNC Christophe Pillet-FO, causing the strike call with UNSA-PNC [46% representation to them two].

Eric Faliu, 40, steward at Air France for 19 years, said to be on strike to refuse “a race to the bottom” and “over working conditions increasingly degraded “in a context exacerbated by” competition “. It lists “40% of working hours at night with small crews,” “time difference”, “up to 18 hours’ straight flight with” a rest stop or in Paris 24 hours instead of 36 or 48 hours before, “family life” structured around days on (17) and off (13) “to a salary of between 1,300 euros as a beginner and 3,500 euros after 35 years of career, frozen since 2011.

the move could be extended next week

the CEO of Air France assured that the dialogue was “not broken” with unions and have “done everything” to avoid the strike, without making new proposals or state appointments wage. The SNPNC-FO and UNSA-PNC could renew their motion next week, according to Christophe Pillet.

They are protesting against the renewal for 17 months of the company agreement fixing their work rules, pay and promotion, which ends on 31 October. They consider this insufficient duration, as the measures proposed by management regarding particular the reduction of crews. “We will bring our bodies by the end of the week to decide what action to give the movement,” said Christophe Pillet

Source AFP

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