Friday, July 15, 2016

UK weighs on growth the European car market – L’Express

Renault has particularly shone with 20.2% more units put on the roads compared to June 2015, while its competitor PSA faltered and fell by 0.6%, according to figures disclosed Friday by the Association of European automobile manufacturers (ACEA).

The European car market absorbed 1.46 million units last month, a value close to June 2007, before the crisis that has hit the sector.

It is essentially dynamism to the good performance of Germany (+ 8.3%), Italy (+ 11.9%) and Spain (+ 11.2% ), according to the ACEA.

France, third in volume after Germany, has merely increased by 0.8%, while the UK fell 0.8% the month when the British voted in a referendum on leaving the EU. Professionals have refused to talk about cause and effect, but in June marked a break in a growth trend in the UK since October 2015.

+ 6.9% in June marked a decline rhythm from the beginning of the year, but the growth of the European market remains strong in the first half, to 9.4%, almost double the prognosis of ACEA (+ 5%) for 2016. in six months, 7.84 million new cars were registered against 13.7 million for all 2015.

for automobile manufacturers Volkswagen remained the first European carmaker last month with 23% market share. But this share has again eroded (-1.2 points), while the German giant suffers the aftermath of the scandal-fixing diesel engines. Its sales rose only 1.5% from June 2015.

The Wolfsburg company performs better in six months, but still below average with + 4.5% .

His French dolphins PSA and Renault are fighting for second place. If the group diamond triumph in June, it is still behind its competitor six months to less than 12,000 units to 800,000. But Renault registrations are growing at twice the rate of those PSA during the period, respectively 12.7% against 6.4%.


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