Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Medicare proposes a gradual increase in the price of the consultation to 25 euros – The World

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The consultation for children should be  gradually increased to 30 euros by 2018.

the standard consultation with a general practitioner could rise to 24 euros in April 2017 and to 25 euros one year later in April 2018. this was formally proposed Medicare (CNAMTS) Wednesday, July 6 unions of private doctors in the tariff negotiations on the future “medical convention” initiated in February.

$ 445 million per year, the measure represents two thirds of the financial effort of 743 million per year that the “Safely” it was prepared to do to run. “The total impact for physicians should be around € 1 billion if we add the part complementary to that of Medicare, this is very important and even unprecedented,” argued Nicolas Revel, the Director General of CNAMTS, in an interview with Echos, as 3 billion euros of savings were requested this year to Medicare.

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a proposal well below the 1.2 to 3,000,000,000 claimed by trade unions, some of which required a “Marshall Plan” for private medicine. “As it stands, there is no possible signature” provides the World Claude Leicher, president of MG France, the first union of general practitioners , while discussions must always lead before August 26, failing which an arbitral resolution will be needed. “It is not with this agreement we will reverse the population decline liberal” , warns Jean-Paul Hamon, President of the Federation of Physicians of France (FMF), which denounces policy “dusting” .

Sixty euros consultation “very complex”

in the document submitted Wednesday to the unions, the CNAMTS made several other proposals to doctors. Consultation for children 2 to 6 years with a general should be gradually increased to 30 euros by 2018. A tariff to 46 euros should also be introduced for “complex consultations” and 60 euros for “very complex”. These consultations “does cover by definition limited and defined number of clinical situations and supported” , however, warns CNAMTS, anxious to limit the use of this rate.

for specialists agreeing to receive emergency patients referred by a GP, consultation should be increased by 15 euros. The union has also confirmed that it wished to propose a premium of 50 000, paid in two installments, to practitioners settling in very short areas by doctors.

The CNAMTS has not yet revealed all his cards. She has notably not yet ruled on the amount it wishes to give the “structural package” assistance requested by physicians to fund a secretariat and be free and “between 25% and 30%” additional medical time for their patients. While trade unions evoke $ 10 000 per year, the talks could flounder on this point. “The negotiation is complete, warns Nicolas Revel . So there will still developments, though they will necessarily be limited. “


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