Saturday, July 2, 2016

Serge Dassault trial for tax fraud laundering – L’Express

This is the first trial of Senator (The Republicans), aged 91. It is to be held until Thursday.

Former CEO of a jewel of French aeronautics, the former mayor of Corbeil-Essonnes been a direct quote from National Financial parquet (NEL) before the 32nd court room Corrections of Paris, following an investigation into his heritage opened in November 2014. a period of less than two years between the beginning of the investigation and the trial, which illustrates the will of the PNF to reduce delays as much as possible.

It is alleged that Mr Dassault have detained foreign accounts to hide part of its assets to the tax authorities.

In case, four accounts of foundations and corporations, the British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, that housed up to 31 million.

According to a source of the investigation, Mr. Dassault has since rectified the situation, both from the tax authorities that the High Authority for transparency in public life (HATVP).

It is also considered for declaration of failure in this instance, which is responsible for verifying the patrimonial situations elected. She issued a “ serious doubt ” to “ completeness, accuracy and fair presentation ” of his declarations, suspecting failing to report assets held abroad.

At the end of the preliminary investigation, Mr. Dassault, had been summoned for a free hearing, he refused, do we explained to source close to the investigation.

The defense of Mr. Dassault is expected to raise at the trial several procedural issues.

Approached by AFP, the lawyer of Mr Dassault, Me Pierre Haik, did not respond.

– ‘allegedly charitable Works’ –

The existence of “ jackpots ” Luxembourg and Liechtenstein had already been raised in the context of the investigation of an alleged system of vote buying during municipal campaigns Corbeil-Essonnes (Essonne) in 2009 and 2010. a survey in which Serge Dassault is indicted with seven others, including the current mayor, Jean-Pierre Bechter (Republicans).

One of the accused persons, Gerard Limat, had delivered a key witness in October 2014. “ Great friend ” of the family, he confided having used two accounts in Luxembourg in reality belonging to the senator, to distribute funds through 2010 to intermediaries in the campaigns in Corbeil.

The investigation in particular showed that almost 4 million were transferred from those accounts to “ allegedly charities in Algeria and Tunisia over the period 2009 and 2010 “according to a source close to the investigation. “ This is not my money that passed over (…) All the beneficiaries were given to me by Serge Dassault ,” confided Mr. Limat investigators, according to this source .

Gerard Limat was also told to have got used to transfer money from “ jackpots ” Luxembourg to a Swiss financial company, which then brought him the money in cash for delivery to Paris with Serge Dassault.

In the survey conducted by the investigating judges, several testimonies accredit a voice purchasing system.

The magistrates also seized at the residence and political headquarters of Serge Dassault of voter lists with the words “ paid ” and “ unpaid “and annotations (” license ‘,’ support output detention “…) formulas designed to accredit this fraudulent practice.

Industrial is indicted for vote buying, illegal financing and complicity campaign financing in excess of the authorized ceiling. He does not deny the gifts, but denies any corruption and any link with the elections.

The case in still under investigation.


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