Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ségolène Royal announced lower electricity prices for August 1 –

Minister followed the opinion of the Energy Regulatory Commission, which argued for a decrease of 0.5% to 1 August price …

( – regulated electricity tariffs will decline to 1 August … Following the opinion of the energy regulatory Commission (CRE), the Minister of the Environment Ségolène Royal announced a 0.5% drop for the “blue” tariffs, ie those applying to individuals and 1.5% for professionals.

Inherit lower market prices

“This decline is explained by the impact of lower market prices observed for several months,” said the CRE in its opinion. Recall that since late 2014, the rate calculation formula was revised. The so-called “stacking” method takes into account the cost of energy, that of bringing electricity and finally the cost of marketing.

“This is the first decline in prices for ten years allowed by the reform (…) conducted in 2014, “comments the Minister of the Environment in a statement. “The French have been protected against automatic increases of 5% last year and 5% this year,” she said.

No retroactive increase

the development includes a partial catch-up “inadequate tariffs for the year 2012″. That year, barely took office, Hollande had decided to limit the growth rates of 2% in order to protect the purchasing power of the French.

The relief bill could however be short-lived because the tariff review does not take into account the retroactive increase requested by the State Council in June, covering the period between 1 November 2014 and 31 July 2015.

the highest French administrative court has asked the government to make an order under three months to fix the increase. “Catching up will be 1.5 euro per month for 18 months,” promised Ségolène Royal month …

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