Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Renault-Nissan, an alliance that brings – The World

Carlos Ghosn, the  boss of the Renault-Nissan alliance gain for each  group - 2.5 billion awarded. Nissan, Renault 1.8 -  equivalent to two-thirds of their 2015 profits
that should give pleasure to Carlos Ghosn. Renault and Nissan announced, Tuesday, July 5, having recorded 4.3 billion euros in savings through synergies in 2015, an increase of 13% compared to 2014. “The alliance” that is ie the strategic partnership between the two groups reached, with a year in advance, the target set by the joint CEOs of both companies.

the synergies are a key element in the strategy Renault-Nissan entity, its industrial reason to exist. Mr. Ghosn is ready a punctilious attention in each of the weekly meetings of the alliance’s leaders. This is understandable. The gain for each group – 2.5 billion allocated to Nissan, Renault 1.8 – equivalent to two-thirds of their profits in 2015

This result is a strong argument to maintain the partnership sealed in 1999 by taking a cross-shareholdings between the two groups: Nissan holds 15% stake in Renault and Renault 43% of Nissan. A good record of expert explains:

“The more nests businesses more alliance becomes unavoidable. We can also…


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