Thursday, July 14, 2016

Paris asks Barroso to abandon its revolving Goldman Sachs – euronews

The recruitment Barroso by Goldman Sachs never ceases to arouse criticism in Europe.

Through the voice of his Secretary of State for European Affairs, France, on Wednesday, called reform the Code of Conduct for former Commissioners to prevent conflicts of interest and better manage “the revolving door” , the transition in the private former senior officials.

“Morally, politically, ethically, it is a fault on the part of Mr Barroso. This is the worst service that a former president of a European institution could make to the European project at a time in history when it has instead need to be sustained, upheld and strengthened. Barroso today with this deal the bed anti-European. I therefore appeal solemnly to renounce this position “, said Harlem Desir in the National Assembly.

More broadly, the French left cries foul.

the former Portuguese prime minister was hired by the US investment bank – the bad reputation – to advise it in the context of Brexit

Goldman Sachs was at the heart, must be remembered. , the subprime crisis in 2008 by speculating against its own clients to whom it had provided these toxic products. It is also the bank that helped Greek state in the early 2000s to cover its deficits to stay in the euro zone.

It thus provides Address Book expanded with the person who chaired the European Commission for ten years (2004-2014)

José Manuel Barroso, however, has broken any rule. he respected the within deficiency of 18 months binding its passage in private at the end of his term.

It is supposed to meet now a Strict confidentiality clause on its activities within the European Union.

The case caused a stir because Jose Manuel Barroso was the figurehead of the European Union for ten years. However, it is no means the only to join the private sector.

Recall for example, in late May, Bruno Bézard, director of the French Treasury , left his post to join a Franco-Chinese investment fund.


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