Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mobilization down against the Labour Law – The Obs

PARIS (Reuters) – For the twelfth time in four months, thousands of people demonstrated Tuesday in France to mark the return of the Labour Law in the Assembly, where the government will again resort to Article 49 -3 allowing it to pass into force.

But protesters were fewer than last week, police counting for all of France about 30,000 protesters against 65,000 June 28

It was the last day by the fall but the seven unions opposed to reform demonstrations are organizing actions in the summer: free tolls or interventions on the sidelines of the Tour de France, but without blocking .

their leaders, especially those of the CGT and Force Ouvrière, peak of the movement, sure they will revive the mobilization in September.

“We go to give all the malcontents in September, we will see in what form, “said the press Philippe Martinez, the secretary general of the CGT.

for the union, the use of 49-3 sign” a new admission of failure for the government. “

workers Force,” this is again a real denial of democracy, “said the general secretary of FO, Jean-Claude Mailly.

the Parisian procession attracted 45,000 people, according to the CGT, while the police headquarters in dénombrait 6500-7500. Last week the unions claimed 55,000 protesters, from 14,000 to 15,000 for the police.

In Paris, a banner “Stop labor law” was deployed on the morning of the Eiffel Tower.

As in the previous two Parisian catwalks, protesters marched on a short path between the Place d’Italie and Bastille, allowing security forces to prevent infiltration of “thugs” in the procession.

barriers were installed to block the flow of protesters and wooden planks to protect the bus shelter.

after the event, a few hundred people attempted to demonstrate before the national Assembly the call including the collective “Night stand” to protest against the use of 49-3.

But they were stranded on a bridge, without possibility to highlight it, by large police force protecting the building.

in Marseille, an event gathered Tuesday morning more than 15,000 people according to organizers, 1,900 according to police.

(Gerard Bon, with Service France, edited by Yves Clarisse)


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