Sunday, July 17, 2016

London wants to “pass the Brexit” with free trade agreements – The

The new British Prime Minister Theresa May seems to rapidly initiate discussions to establish free trade agreements between the United Kingdom after the release of the latter from the European Union. Saturday, July 16, the occupant of 10 Downing Street met with Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, who claimed to be “ decided to conclude a treaty as quickly as possible with the United Kingdom ” . For its part, the new Secretary Liam Fox Commerce will begin this week on tour in the US to try to launch the foundations of a trade agreement with Washington.

Preparing for post-EU

the new British government, which said the European Union need time to trigger Article 50 of the union of output demand, intends to have control of the calendar by preparing trade agreements preparation of this event. As it is officially a member of the EU, the UK has delegated its trade policy to the European Union and can enter into bilateral trade agreements. London does not want to find themselves destitute once it leaves the effective EU. Theresa May intends to have then several loans agreements to be signed and implemented.

The US priority

According to the daily eurosceptic Telegraph, the government’s priority of Theresa May be to conclude an agreement with the United States. Before the vote on 23 June, Barack Obama had threatened to place the UK at the “tail end” of trade negotiations if Brexit. The tone has changed somewhat since the vote, Mike Froman, the US Trade Representative held discussions with Sajid Javid, former British Secretary of Commerce, but not with Liam Fox. He hopes initiate discussions before his trip to Washington next weekend. Mike Froman, however, said he considered that discussions with the UK depended on the outcome of the London negotiations with the EU. He also felt that the Brexit changed the situation on the transatlantic agreement with the EU.

Australia “enthusiastic”

The discussions should be easier with Australia . Malcolm Turnbull has expressed his “enthusiasm” for Theresa May to reach an agreement. The Prime Minister considered his meeting with the head of the Australian government as “very encouraging.” She took the opportunity to draw the outline of the commercial action of his government. “I t is very clear that this government wants to make our exit from the EU a success and one of the ways to do this is to seize opportunities to conclude free trade agreements with partners around the globe . ” And continue about Australia: “ it is very encouraging that one of our closest international partners seeking to achieve such an agreement. This proves that we can do the Brexit . ” Ten countries had expressed their willingness to engage in trade talks with the United Kingdom in the Brexit.

What agreement with the EU?

The trade agreement with the EU will, however, more difficult to obtain. To conclude an agreement “with Norwegian” including almost full access (in some areas near) the single European market, it will agree to contribute to the EU budget and accept the free movement of persons and labor force, two conditions rejected during the campaign by supporters of Brexit.


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