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labor law: Manuel Valls will resort to 49-3, opponents in the street – Boursier.com

Fearing not get a sufficient majority, the Prime Minister has once again chosen to deploy 49-3. Slingers do not exclude to file a censure motion

(Boursier.com.) – After months of mobilization, opponents of the labor law have yet marched in the streets of France on Tuesday 5 July … the CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, UNEF, UNL and LDIFs have indeed called on June 30, the day after the last day of manifestation, to continue “mobilizing against this bill on forms to determine locally, during the parliamentary debate, including July 5 “…

in Paris, the participants gathered at 10 am, place d’Italie (13th). They then marched on the following route: Hospital boulevard, place Valhubert, Austerlitz Bridge (reverse) and then boulevard de la Bastille. The Parisian procession attracted 45,000 people, according to the CGT, while the police headquarters in dénombrait 6500-7500, reports Reuters. Last week the unions claimed 55,000 demonstrators 14,000 to 15,000 for the police

region, rallies were planned this morning. The appointment was given at 11 am in Orleans and Marseille. In Marseille, the event attracted more than 15,000 people according to organizers, 1,900 according to police.

Use of 49-3

As expected, “Prime Minister us announced it would invoke Article 49-3 “of the Constitution allows the adoption of a text without a vote as at first reading, said to Reuters, Olivier Faure, spokesman for the PS at its output of the meeting of the Socialist group. Members should start Tuesday the examination at second reading of the bill. The first time, the government had already had recourse to Article 49-3 of the Constitution – which provides members to vote. – Fear of not getting a sufficient majority on the text

A critical look

“We are waiting to know whether, after the many gestures that were made for weeks, (…) there is consideration of those with a critical eye,” had argued that Tuesday morning on “France Info”, the Secretary of State for Relations with Parliament, Jean-Marie Le Guen.

in an attempt to rally opponents, who are concerned in particular Article 2 of the project on the reversal of the hierarchy of norms advocated by employers – the company agreement would take precedence over sectoral agreement – the government has indeed submitted three amendments to the text. One of them provides an opportunity for social partners to establish branches in the subjects for which a company agreement can not derogate from a branch agreement, when the priority of the company agreement is not specified in the law.

Benoît Hamon does not preclude censure motion

“We are in a desire to build and compromise (…) but this assumes that all the world is changing, “stressed his side on ‘France 2′, the Socialist deputy” rebellious “, Benoît Hamon. The “rebellious” had also submitted alternative proposals. “The prime minister has refused a compromise amendment and that’s really an amazing achievement after months of social tension and political crisis,” said Christian Paul with Reuters.

This morning Benedict Hamon had not ruled out filing a motion of censure. “We’ll discuss it at that time there,” he said. “This question is open and you should never give up a constitutional tool,” added the PS MP Christian Paul on I-Tele …

Meanwhile, the right has finally decided to file such a motion. The presidents of the groups Republicans (LR) and UDI (centrist) also said they would not vote a motion of censure tabled by the left of the left.

According to the law, opponents project have indeed 24 hours to submit a motion after recourse to 49-3. This is only admissible “if signed by at least one tenth of the members of the National Assembly”, 58 members.

For a motion of censure is passed then it which leads to the overthrow of the government but only happened once under the fifth Republic in 1962, must obtain 289 votes.

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