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labor law: the government a third time use 49.3 – The World

Manuel Valls, on 20 July.

the Prime Minister Manuel Valls has again used in paragraph 3 of Article 49 of the Constitution to push through the bill work, Wednesday 20 July at its final reading, majority of fault assured the national Assembly. After five months of political controversy and social protest, the text finally adopted will be considered within twenty-four hours, Thursday afternoon, if no confidence motion is filed.

fruit of a “broad consultation” that resulted in “a solid compromise with trade unions and reformist youth” this text “progress” carrier “many advanced” is “indispensable for the future of our country” , said the Prime Minister at the podium. “In some texts, the government has only a relative majority (…), but there is no alternative majority in the Chamber” , he began to address the deputies of the left, including the Socialist Party, opposed to a text they call “social regression” .

This time, the use of 49.3 s’ is made in a climate much less passion left, members being turned to the fourth extension of the state of emergency after the assassination of Nice. On Tuesday, the Senate, the majority of right rejected the text without debate, saying they were not heard on his most liberal proposals, for example the removal of the thirty-five. The opposition does not intend to file a motion of censure, and a third attempt at motion from left seems more than compromised

But the protesters left. – Left Front, environmentalists and socialists slingers – seeking to raise sixty parliamentarians to seize the constitutional Council for “breach of parliamentary debate” , according to members of the left Front. The referral, which could be possible with the addition of right signatures is “under review” with lawyers, said Christian Paul, megaphone slingers.

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a against the tide of opinion

Despite an unusually long dispute, started from the publication of the draft bill of the Minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri, the government has finally managed to get his big reform. But against the tide of public opinion – seven out of ten French say they are opposed to it, according to polls – and the price of a torn majority, within one year of the presidential and legislative elections. Mr. Valls has admitted that he had only “relative majority” in the Assembly. But he ruled constitutional weapon 49.3 needed to pass a word “social progress” face “conservatism” .

Two voices near the Socialists slingers have twice failed to file with environmentalists and the left Front elected a motion of unprecedented censorship against their government, and to amend the “backbone” of the text, Article 2 enshrining the primacy of the company agreement on the branch agreement on working time. Despite some concessions on strengthening the role of professional branches, the executive was adamant about this article in the heart of the philosophy of this law, championed by the French Democratic Confederation of Labour (CFDT).

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the CGT denounced “an adoption forceps”

the General Confederation of Labour (CGT) denounced Wednesday the third appeal by Mr. Valls at 49.3; she sees a “adoption forceps” She castigates.

“The government has lost the ideological battle, has lost all credibility vis- a-vis the population, and in addition started the values ​​of the Republic. “

She gives appointments September 15 for a new day of action at the invitation of the Inter. During the summer, it “will go to meet” of employees and guests and “propose sending to the President of the Republic of postcards to assure him that they will always be mobilized in September “.

” anger is still there “

Because in the street, the protest is not officially over, despite summer break after twelve days of protest between March 9 and July 5, often interspersed with violence. Unions opposed the text, CGT and Force Ouvrière (FO) in the lead, promising to resume mobilization. “The wrath remains there. The government has not done “, launched Philippe Martinez, general secretary of the CGT.

” This bill is and will remain tainted by its undemocratic character “, reacted FO, according to “the context related to the attacks and the ongoing debate in Parliament on the extension of the state of emergency should have led the government for the sake of democratic respect, to suspend the adoption process of this project, “. The union denounced the government’s attitude “deaf ear” many of his proposals, and believes that “only the strong mobilization (…) has forced some setbacks” .

outside the Palais Bourbon, on the initiative of trade union Solidaires union and motion Night standing action is planned with a banner attached to balloons so that it floats before the Assembly’s pediment.

employers half satisfied

employers applauded the first draft in early March. But changes were then publicly disparaged as much “setbacks” , including the removal of the cap prud’homales allowances. If he denounces reform “failed” , in the words of the General Confederation of employers of small and medium enterprises (CGPME) that “will not help in terms of employment” , as the Mouvement des Entreprises de France (MEDEF), adheres still several major points.

“securing redundancies” first , whose reasons will be specified in the labor code. The concept of national scope to assess the economic difficulties of a group has certainly been removed, to the regret of the Medef, but small and medium enterprises (SMEs) feel they have been listened to with consideration of the company size to assess these difficulties. The employers, however headwind against the account creation activity staff (CPA), which includes the arduous account reviled device employers

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