Sunday, July 3, 2016

Economic Forum of Aix in search of the “perfect country” – L’Express

This is not leaving the European Union that is stronger, and strengthens its sovereignty “, launched the Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, Brexit referring to the subject of the moment that necessarily waving the little “ Provencal Davos .”

For the minister, who believes that the sovereignists “ are actually impede the effective sovereignty of their country instead of consolidating “, on the contrary, by strengthening cooperation that can make them stronger states.

But if Mr Le Drian was in his role in representing and defending the nation state in these discussions on the search for a “ ideal country “, many stakeholders felt it was urgent to change scale.

I hope that the issues of sovereignty, which frankly are old stuff, do not blur the vision “, launched under former CEO the World trade Organization (WTO), Pascal Lamy. “ If you are young, do not use too many old concepts!

For him, it is better to speak of influence, rather than sovereignty. Recalling the experience of climate negotiations at the COP-21 in December in Paris, Lamy believes that the governance of the world will now be organized around a dialogue between “ public powers “large companies and NGOs.

The “ public powers ” will be in the opinion of the traditional states, regional groupings but also of regions and “ named “, cities -mondes as Paris or London.

It is in this sense, joined by the owner of Engie energy group, Isabelle Kocher, who regrets that “ Europe (has) completely lost sight of its original vision and (if either ) transformed into a gigantic administrative machine . ” The Brexit could provide an opportunity to rethink the EU differently, she said.

– Flexible Frames and multifaceted –

I believe in a flexible framework that is supranational in a number of cases but adjusted for issues, which will be sub in some other cases “argues Ms Kocher.

And to give an example she knows well: energy policy should, she said, will not discuss the pan-European level, but among neighboring countries, within regions or at cities. According to the geographic interdependencies and needs.

We must return to a base that is very solid, a foundation of vision, shared destiny and common destiny, which for me is the peace and security ” has she said.

The more we have this common base, and Europe can watch a free way much more flexible frameworks that gathered at the bottom of the country on issues for which the grouping these countries will feel “, summarizes CEO of Engie. “ I believe in a multifaceted framework, based on something more solid today .”

Whatever the architecture proposed, most stakeholders agree on a priority: education. And governments must give them as a cape.

It should be “ have the short-term discipline (to get out of the crisis) and give way to vision and long term ” notes including Total CEO Patrick Pouyanné.

And today, the European project, this is what is missing. The people do not know where you are going and have lost the vision of peace and prosperity “, he argues. “ It can be discipline, and we should do, but to do that you have to give people the engines .”


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