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Day 2 Farnborough: Airbus leads in points against Boeing – Les Echos

From July 11 to 17, the small town of Farnborough, about fifty kilometers south of London welcomes the world of aeronautics for a great show punctuated by demonstrating devices and technologies of all kinds. While the second day of the fair ended, find the highlights and behind the scenes of this second Fair day with our journalists on site and from Paris.


18h30 – Airbus leads the way against Boeing

After the demonstration of the F35 above Farnborough airport, the time to take stock for Airbus and Boeing. The European aircraft manufacturer has dominated the second day the stock of orders. Here is a summary of announcements on Tuesday (amounts involved are shown at list prices, excluding any reductions).

Airbus won a contract for 100 A321neo with the low-cost carrier Malaysia Air Asia to 12, $ 5 billion (the largest order of the Show to date); a contract for 25 A320neo with the German company Germania for $ 2.7 billion; a contract for four A321 with the Icelandic company Wow Air to 460 million. The group also had a memorandum of understanding (to then convert into firm orders) with India Go Air for 72 A320neo aircraft for $ 7.7 billion.

Boieng, meanwhile, announced a firm order for 10 737Max (the competitor of the A320neo) plus an option for a 787-9 by the tour operator TUI for a total of $ 1.4 billion; a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese company Kunming Airlines 10 737 Max 7, to $ 902 million; an agreement to purchase a unidentified Chinese company 30 737, for a total of $ 3 billion.

The pace should slow ads from tomorrow and until the end of Sunday Salon. There will be time to make the final assessment but the record of $ 201 billion of orders (firm or optional) set in the previous edition, in 2014, should not be beaten.


the F35 finally flies in Britain

this is one of the “stars” of this show: aircraft US F-35 stealth fighter Lockheed Martin has impressed visitors during a demonstration in the air. This was already provided in the previous edition, in 2014, but an engine incident prevented him crossing the Atlantic at the last moment. He even had a second postponement as he had to carry off Monday – bad weather conditions have shifted the show to Tuesday.

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Launched in the early 1990s, the F-35 program is the most expensive programs armament of military history, with a total cost estimated at nearly $ 400 billion for the Pentagon, nearly 2,500 aircraft to occur in the coming decades. Part of his equipment are produced by British groups.


18h00 – in 2020, the planes will fly they with iPad

Among the projects in the pipeline aeronautical groups, Boeing? considers that, from 2020, drivers can control their camera from an interactive touch screen, like an iPad on some versions of the 777X. The US aircraft manufacturer is considering various innovations for the plane tomorrow, particularly through its ecoDemonstrator program. Other ideas under development: the projection of information and videos on the walls of cabins, airplane 100% electric or hybrid propulsion, a painting preventing ice from forming on the camera …


17.00 – Mega-command of Air Asia Airbus

This is the match that drives the press (and” Les Echos “participate in the movement) every great Airshow: Airbus against Boeing, the European against the American. Since Monday, the two groups strung contract signings announcements. On Tuesday, Airbus took the lead by posting the biggest (command) from the kickoff at Farnborough. The Malaysian low-cost carrier Air Asia has signed a firm order for 100 A321neo, for an amount of some $ 12.5 billion – at list prices, that is to say without taking into account the reductions commonly associated such orders.

You can find the results of this match later in the day on this line. For those who have not followed the previous rounds, remember that in the first half, leading Boeing with 276 net orders against 183 for Airbus.


Video – highlights of the first day of the Show

the Farnborough Airshow is one of the largest exhibition trays flying devices of all kinds. The main demonstrations are taking place on Tuesday, but until the images, you can find the best moments of the opening day on Monday – a video that does not include the violent storm that flooded the exhibition halls mid-afternoon and forced the organizers to close the doors earlier than expected Salon …


16h45 – The first Bombardier CSeries finally taking off

There are eight here in Farnborough, Bombardier posted its ambitions for its regional jet program. With three years behind schedule, the first commercial flight of a CSeries aircraft must finally take place this week. Expected departure July 15 in Zurich, to Paris, to the CS100, the smallest model in the medium-haul range developed by Bombardier and delivered to the Swiss Swiss company, the first customer to be able to test a relief for . Canadian group, after twelve years on this program who accumulated delays, cost overruns and disappointments

If it shows 370 firm orders, this program has cost Bombardier aircraft manufacturer chained losses and restructuring and in particular have received aid from 1 billion US dollars from the Quebec government to survive. The first flight will sign the success of the industrial challenge, but the group must now validate the commercial challenge facing Airbus and Boeing, dominant in this segment of the 100- to 150-seat

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4:20 p.m. – Coup d ‘ tragic stop for Bell Helicopter

last Wednesday, a crash during flight test of its Bell 525 prototype has cost the lives of two Bell Helicopter pilot. The accident occurred in Texas, where the group was testing this model, the first civilian commercial aircraft to be equipped with electric flight controls and steering assistance system. The causes of the crash are still unknown. Out of respect for the victims’ families, Bell has canceled all events planned around this program at the Salon. The 525 had to be certified by late next year but could see it rejected calendar.

——————– ———

15.40 – Sukhoi jet has a dedicated professional sports

beyond the models to transport the general public, the aircraft market have their own niches. Like that invested by Sukhoi, which introduced the first jet For professional sports teams. Based on its SS100 regional jet, the Russian will install a series of equipment dedicated to the recovery of sportsmen, “the people who spend most time in an airplane,” said Ilya Tarasenko, president of the group. Various biometric monitoring gadgets (connected bracelets, touch sensors …), medical capsules and various other facilities must enable to “limit the impact of travel on the body of the players,” according to Ilya Tarasenko. The first copy shall be released in 2018.

—————————- –

14:45 – will they disappear control towers at airports

there’s he? an air traffic controller in the airport? This could soon be the remake of (the must) 1980 film “There’s there a pilot in the plane.” In any case what promises Saab, who believes that the control towers will become “obsolete within a decade.” The Swedish group is developing a technology to replace them with a variety of cameras, sensors and analytical devices capable of transmitting information to a single control center remotely.

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A system tested in the United States, Australia, Norway and already in use in Ireland (this year) and Sweden (since April 2015): Irish airports of Cork and Shannon are well managed by operators based in Dublin following the situation in real time on their screens. Interest: installation costs and far less maintenance than a conventional tower, especially for smaller airports, and “the air traffic controllers in the same place that can work together and be more effective,” according to Per Ahl, Vice President of Saab.


14.00 – Airbus courted by low-cost airlines

the European aircraft manufacturer recorded the signing of two agreements with companies low cost: the first for a firm order for four A321s with the Icelandic company Wow Airlines, which intends to make low-cost between Europe and the United States (with a Paris-New York to 129 euros); and the second for a memorandum of understanding for 72 A320 neo with the Indian carrier GoAir – who had already placed orders for 72 copies of the unit in 2011 – for an estimated $ 7.7 billion.


Quiz – the unexpected legacies of aviation


1:05 p.m. – the future Franco-British drone he will dodge the Brexit

While the Brexit cast a chill between the British and French leaders?. But industry groups continue their cooperation. In aeronautics, one of the most emblematic concerns a joint project of UCAV. The Farnborough Airshow is an opportunity for the British BAE Systems, a leader alongside Dassault, recalled that the program “Air Combat System of the Future” (FCAS) is progressing well. “This is the most advanced program of Europe in this field,” says Martin Rowe-Willcocks, project director at BAE. And Brexit in all this? “This is a purely Franco-British cooperation, not European, so there is no reason that this has an impact. “

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BAE took the opportunity to present more evidence on his Taranis drone, with the Dassault Neuron, provides the basis for cooperation and exchanges between the two countries. “The challenge is to exchange groups that have their own agenda,” says Martin Rowe-Willcocks. Next step: successfully develop two operational demonstrators (prototypes) by 2025. Just a few months, David Cameron and Francois Hollande promised to invest 2 billion euros in the program. The impending arrival of Theresa May to 10 Downing Street will it make a difference?

—————— ———–

12:47 – Two new Chinese orders for Boeing

Boeing announced that a Chinese customer, which he did not specify identity, had signed a letter of intent for the purchase of 30 aircraft 737. the order, which covers 737 and MAX 737 next generation, has a value of over $ 3 billion (2.7 billion euros) at list prices, said the aircraft manufacturer.

another Chinese company, Kunming Airlines also signed a letter of intent for the purchase of 10 aircraft 737 MAX 7, worth $ 660 million, Boeing said in a separate statement. Chinese carriers have to get approval from government to their expansion plans before finalizing their orders.

————— ——————

Slideshow – The centenary of Boeing

the US aircraft manufacturer Boeing celebrates its centenary this year at Farnborough. Since the establishment by William Boeing July 15th, 1916 to the very latest 737 Max, back to 15 photos on a century of history.

——— ——————–

12:05 – Germania signed a firm order for 25 A320neo

the German airline Germania has placed a firm order for 25 A320neo, the re-engined version of the best-selling Airbus, valued at list price of 2.682 billion dollars, announced Tuesday the European manufacturer. Deliveries of the 25 single-aisle equipped with reactors of the engine manufacturer Pratt and Whitney will be spread between 2020 and 2022 and they will allow Germania-Group to double its fleet.

——- ———————-

11:55 – Chinese Comac ready to take off

There is no Airbus and Boeing announced orders at Farnborough – even if they carve the lion’s share. Chinese Comac took advantage of the Salon to finalize an agreement for sale of 60 ARJ21, its small regional aircraft to a Chinese leasing company present in Indonesia. A command to $ 2.3 billion (at list prices), which provides some air to the group. Its medium-haul aircraft C919, billed as a rival to the A320 and B737, accumulates delays and ARJ 21 made its first commercial flight there are only a few weeks (again, with the delay of schedule ).

Comac claims to have already saved more than 270 orders for the ARJ21. The group, led by Beijing, will capitalize on the expected growth in air traffic in Asia, especially China, to win in the coming years. Still, for the moment, the majority of its orders come from Chinese customers. The group will have to convince the international to win …

———————– ——

11.20 – Qatar Airways upped the suspense

Since the beginning of the show, c is one of the ads that drags in the air: the airline Qatar Airways will she turn away A320 neo ordered to Airbus about tension between the two partners for months because of engine problems, in favor of the Boeing 737? The Qatari group has upped the suspense Tuesday morning promised a big announcement to the press: it is ultimately an investment of $ 613 million for up to 10% of Latam Airlines of capital, “the first company in Latin America, “according to the leaders of Qatar Airways.


11.00 – Boeing sign an order with a tour operator

the German giant TUI tourism has finalized an order for 10 737 Max 8 and a 787- 9 Dreamliners for $ 1.4 billion (list price). The agreement includes an option for a further 787-9. The US has also received an order from Air Lease Corporation for six renter 737 MAX, worth $ 660 million.

——– ———————

10:35 – what is an Air Show?

If the aerospace giants occupy the center stage of many SMEs are also present in the aisles of the show. The French pavilion, organized around the GIFAS, which represents the industry, and has more than 45 specialist companies: manufacturers, engineering companies and maintenance … The Savoy Lathuille Hudry business and attending his third edition of Farnborough . “It’s a great way to meet our international customers that we rarely see and to communicate future partners,” says Didier Lathuille, sales engineer and small-son of the founder of this SME of 65 people.

it generates 20% of its turnover of EUR 6 million in the aerospace machining and assembling precision parts made of composite materials: safety screws for the A400M , pressure relief valves freighter aircraft, satellites engine components … “the show also tracks market trends, new materials, and the various programs underway, on which one can be required to work. “After the first two calm days using assistive time, Didier Lathuille will link the appointment to the end of the week.

——- ———————-

Video – Demonstration of the Airbus A400M

Before the storm on Monday, the A400M could make a demonstration in the air (and rain). The military transport plane has passed through some areas of turbulence in recent months but Airbus promises that countries that have purchased will soon be able to use normally. The group delivered 27 aircraft so far


—— ———————–

9.40 – Rain orders for Airbus and Boeing first day

Before the downpour would disrupt the first day of the program, Boeing and Airbus aircraft manufacturers received orders of rain. Among the main, the Xiamen Donghai Airlines companies signed with the US, while Jetstar Pacific and Virgin Atlantic have them, opted for the European.

For the two great rivals, the horizon is clear for the future: they each raised their forecast market twenty years Monday. Airbus is expected to double the number of aircraft in circulation by 2035 to reach 33,000 units. The air traffic growth (driven in particular by Asia) will actually be another challenge for the aviation industry: will the manufacturers and suppliers follow the pace to deliver all the aircraft on time


9:30 the return of the sun to start the day

the trouble came from the sky Monday afternoon side Farnborough. Strange for a fair dedicated to aeronautics … A violent storm forced the organizers to complete the doors of halls earlier than expected exposure, the rain that knocked out electrical installations. The sun came Tuesday morning

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